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CGHS Student Resources (Canvas)

Catalog and Student Handbook

There are many policies and guidance documents that will influence your academic journey with ATSU. Please carefully review each of the following documents and statements:

APA Requirement

All CGHS courses use the writing guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA). It is important that all academic writers learn how to properly format scholarly work as this enhances communication and provides a standardized approach to scholarly writing. To this end, APA guidance is an excellent resource as it includes writing style and format related to grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, headings, title page, quotes and referencing.

Complete APA formatting cannot be done within Canvas. When posting in discussions, blogs, wikis, and other Canvas tools, you will not be able to incorporate hanging indents, double spacing, or page headers/footers. However, it is still required to provide correct citations and references.

All students are required to have the following textbook:

Additional APA Resources can be found at the University Writing Center's website and on the APA website.

Note: The APA format used in the syllabus and in Canvas may appear slightly different than what you will find in the APA publication manual. Sometimes these references are modified to give you more information on the resource and to meet Canvas guidelines.

Earning Grades

Grades will be posted within 96 hours of the due date.  Point assignments, due dates, learning activities, assessments, and other information specific to each course are outlined in the course syllabus.

To view your grades and progress in a course, simply go to the grade book in the course Canvas site. Assessments contributing to a student's final grade in a course can be viewed in the course syllabus and the grade book within the learning management system. Please refer to the CGHS section of the A.T. Still University Catalog for final grade definitions.

Courses at CGHS have a total of 1000 graded points, with the exception of dissertation and project courses. For more information on grades, see the Grades page.

Late Assignment Policy

Time management and the ability to meet deadlines are important professional attributes. They are also integral to successful academic achievement. Late work will not be accepted without prior approval of your instructor. Failure to obtain approval before the due date may result in a 0 for the assignment.

In the event you are unable to submit work to Canvas by the deadline due to technical issues, please:

  1. notify your instructor through the Canvas messaging system and attach your assignment; and
  2. open a ticket with IT by calling 1-800-626-2200.  Be sure to keep the ticket number as documentation the issue has been reported. Your instructor may ask that you provide this.

Once the IT issue has been resolved, you should then submit your work through Canvas for grading.

Course Materials

The materials available in all courses are copyrighted and are for educational use only.  Redistribution of copyrighted material is prohibited.


Any current or future work that is accepted for publication in any forum (journal, book, website) based on work completed in any courses must include acknowledgement of A.T. Still University, and possible authorship for any faculty members who contributed significantly to the final paper or scholarly work.