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Teaching & Learning Center (TLC): Teaching Innovation Award

A.T. Still University’s (ATSU) Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) is an innovative center and University-wide resource that promotes teaching excellence, development opportunities, and activities across all University programs.

Award Overview

ATSU Innovation in Teaching for Learning Award

The Innovation in Teaching for Learning Award honors specific teaching innovations applied by full-time faculty in either didactic or clinical settings. Innovations may be any teaching strategy used in a course, class meeting, assignment, clinical setting, or other learning activity. The intent of the award is to annually recognize one full-time faculty member who is achieving good learning outcomes for a program’s students through the use of innovative and/or creative teaching strategies. 

The benefits of this program are threefold. This program recognizes faculty for their innovative work but is also a great way to get feedback and share their ideas with the faculty at large who might be looking for new teaching approaches in their own courses. This award program also elevates the reputation of the university as a hub for teaching and learning innovation in healthcare education.

Examples of innovation may include but are not limited to:

  • Usage of emerging technologies that leads to a new learning experience
  • Creation of a new instructional strategy for the purpose of improving teaching and learning 
  • Adoption of an existing instructional strategy in a new way that is not commonly used in a particular field or program
  • Formation of unique collaborations with educators from different ATSU programs, schools, or colleges that lead to new approaches to teaching and learning
  • Development of a new process or policy that leads to good outcomes for the entire class, department, or school



All full-time and part-time faculty members who teach in the (in-person or online) classroom or in clinical settings are eligible to apply or be nominated for the award. The teaching and learning innovation featured in the nomination must have been developed and implemented in a university-required course. Teaching and learning innovations from all disciplines and teaching contexts are welcomed. (Note: Prior winners can not win in back-to-back years, but may be eligible to apply again after a year has passed.)


Application Process

Step One: Application Submission

Applications consist of approximately a 1,500 word, electronically submitted document responding to the following questions and explaining why the teaching innovation is worthy of award recognition:

  • Applicant’s Information
  • Name of the ATSU Course(s) innovation was implemented
  • Description of the Teaching Innovation
  • Explanation of why it is innovative
  • Description of the impact of student learning outcomes
  • Evidence of the impact of the innovation

Applications open on May 1st and are due by July 31st.


Acceptable Evidence of Impact of the Innovation in Teaching

Artifacts to document and support the narrative description of the teaching innovation can include but are not be limited to:

  • A syllabus that reflects the use of the innovative teaching approach
  • Video demonstration of the technique in use and/or results of the use
  • Evidence of enhanced student learning outcomes or capabilities
  • Evidence of conference session or poster presentation about the innovation at a conference within the discipline field
  • Published research about the use of the innovative technology or technique in a recognized journal


Nomination Process

If you recognize someone who is innovative in their teaching practices and you believe would be a good candidate for this award, you can nominate them. To nominate someone, complete the same application following the questions and explaining why the person you are nominating is worthy of award recognition and they will be notified and encouraged to apply.

Step Two: Finalist Selection Process 

The selection committee will select up to 10 nominees to be considered as finalists for the selection process using an evaluation rubric. Finalists will be notified by August 31st.


Finalist Evaluation Process

The final selection process is based on the presentation and an evaluation rubric of the submission. Finalists will give a 5-minute presentation of their innovations in the Fall as part of the evaluation and dissemination process. The presentations will be open to the public and members of the Evaluation Committee and voted on using the evaluation rubric. The evaluation rubric--developed by the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) and vetted by the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs--will guide the award for the faculty member to receive the Innovation in Teaching for Learning Award. 


Evaluation Committee

The award winner(s) are selected by a committee consisting of the:

  • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Vice President of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Dean or associate dean representative from each college or school
  • Previous year’s recipients of the Teaching Innovation for Learning Award
  • Those who attend finalists presentations who cast their vote


Final Award Winner Ceremony

The Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs is the financial sponsor of the Innovation in Teaching for Learning award. The award will be presented in the Fall with the announcement publicized across the University. The winner will receive an engraved plaque and a $2,000 professional development stipend from the Office of Academic Affairs. The winner will also be invited to disseminate their innovation publicly to ATSU faculty through a formal presentation or workshop so faculty will have the opportunity to learn more about how to implement the innovation.


Award Timeline



The ATSU Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) provides administrative oversight of the application and selection process to include the call for proposals and the convening of the awards selection committee. Questions regarding the Innovation in Teaching for Learning Award should be directed to the TLC at


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