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TLC Teaching Model

What is it?

Effective instruction has several things in common:

1. Clear, measurable learning objectives that contribute to a common learning goal

2. Clearly presented content

3. Opportunities to practice the knowledge and skills from that content

4. Assessments to see if the objectives have been met

5. Feedback incorporated all along the process

Furthermore, all of these components must align together. 

Diagram of the TLC Teaching Model which shows how learning objectives, content, practice, and assessment should all be aligned to each other and associated with feedback


This model is based on over a hundred years of learning theory including the concept of backwards design. Backwards design means that learning objectives are determined first, and the course design is created to meet these objectives. 

Examples and Implementation


Common sources of misalignment Example
Assessments that do not align with the learning objectives Using a multiple choice test to assess if students can perform a technical skill 
Not providing or soliciting feedback throughout instruction Students get feedback after an exam, but not before

Content does not align with the assessment

Material taught in class or including in a study guide is dissimilar to what is included in a quiz/exam 

To help implement the TLC model in your course, try using the TLC course design blueprint for planning instruction based on this model.