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Learning and Content Management

What is it?

Courses have a lot of moving parts - lecture materials, reading materials, assignments, discussion boards, quizzes, grades, and more. Learning management systems, including Canvas, offer a means to organize the materials and present them to students in a way that is approachable and user-friendly. They also allow educators to track enrollment, engagement, and grades in a way that protects student data. In other words, learning management management is about organizing content in a way that is consistent and trackable. 


Canvas has features that support a diverse range of evidence-based and equity-focused practices including the use of rubrics, peer-review, formative assessments, and differentiated learning. Additionally, the course pages can be customized to organize the content for a range of teaching contexts.

Examples and Implementation

Organization - organizing your content intentionally can help students find the materials they need consistently. For example, you might choose to organize your content by week or sub-topic. 


Communicating expectations - Learning management systems can also help communicate your expectations to your learners. You can include instructions for an assignment or assessment, share a rubric, indicate how many points it’s worth, and indicate due dates.


                         Screenshot of Canvas home page with clearly organized weeks and instructions