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Team-Based Learning (TBL)

What is it?

Team-based learning is a highly structured form of a flipped classroom and small-group learning that emphasizes student preparation out of class and application of knowledge in class.


        Overview of TBL sequence which highlights how TBL starts with preparatory activities, followed by readiness assurance processes, then application exercises, then peer-evaluation

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Advantages of this approach include:

  • Students have a lot of opportunities for peer-peer feedback 
  • Predictable structure

Some challenges of this approach include:

  • Reliance on engagement with preparatory work (independent study)


Examples and Implementation

According to Dr. Sweet, TBL consists of: 

1. Strategically formed, permanent teams (5-7 students)

2. Readiness assurance exercises (independent and group) 

3. Application activities which address a significant problem, ask groups to make a specific choice, groups all work on the same problem, and work on their decisions simultaneously

4. Peer evaluation in which students submit evaluations of their peers to the instructor, these are submitted mid-term and at the end of the term.


Use the Google Plug-in below to find articles about educators who have implemented TBL in your discipline.

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