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Sequencing Course Content

What is it?

How you present your course material is as important as what you present. Being intentional about the order and manner in which you structure your course, will help learners more efficiently and effectively develop their knowledge and skills. 


There are several models for sequencing course content, but at the center of each of these models is the idea of “chunking” information or breaking content down into manageable components. Content can be chunked at several levels. Course material can be chunked into modules or topic units. Then within a unit, material may further be broken down further including how you present the material in your slides, videos, or reading materials. 


Chunking material has several advantages:

Examples and Implementation

Chunking by Topic:

Main Topic: Human Anatomy

  • Module 1: Head and Neck
  • Module 2: Torso
  • Module 3: Upper Extremities 
  • Module 4: Lower Extremities   

Chunking Within A Unit (ex. Module 1):


Forms a protective case around the brain

Located: Upper/Back of Skull

Comprised of: Sphenoid, Temporal, Ethmoid, Parietal, Occipital, and Frontal Bones

How to remember: STEP OF