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What is it?

EchoVideo is a software from Echo360 that can help integrate engaging audio/visual content into your Canvas course. It is a powerful suite of tools that you can use within Canvas to record video content from on-campus classrooms or to store content you create including presentations and lectures. At ATSU we have access to features including: lecture capture, video editing, video sharing, interactive learning, and video analytics. 

Because it is linked with Canvas, it allows your students access the content directly from the LMS, it can integrate with your Canvas gradebook, and can provide helpful analytics. Additionally EchoVideo tools can allow for interactivity between you and your students using features such as confusion flags, in-video polling or knowledge check questions, and discussion boards for Q&As.

Examples and Implementation

  • Allowing students to access the classroom captures from on-campus courses can provide an excellent opportunity for students to review material or catch up quickly if they missed class that day. As shown below, these recordings allow you to capture the classroom (right) as well as what is being projected from the computer screen (left).

    Screenshot of the Universal Capture showing camera recording of the room with the projected computer screen
  • EchoVideo can be used to share recorded content with learners and to include embedded questions or group discussions to make the viewing experience interactive and active. This is a great way to share pre-lecture content or post-class clarifying lectures and the poll question responses can be integrated automatically into your Canvas gradebook.

    Screenshot of Echo360 pre-recorded video showing in-video poll

Where can I learn more?

Echo360 offers a variety of step-by-step resource guides for the EchoVideo platform including this Getting Started Guide

Contact ATSU ITS or the TLC for support related to Echo360. If you would like to schedule classroom captures, please submit an ITS ticket using Category: Learning Management System Issue, Subcategory: Echo360.