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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 7, 2015: 2014 Statistics

2014 Statistics Review

eBook (which decreased YTD) and eJournal (which increased YTD) use is healthy.  Nontraditional use has increased dramatically due to better data capture and strong UpToDate usage.

eBook use peaks in the early Spring and early Fall, eJournal use peaks in the mid Spring and mid Fall and use of other electronic dervices (including UpToDate) peaks in the Summer.

Most Popular Journals 2014

  1. New England Journal of Medicine
  2. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
  3. American Journal of Public Health
  4. Physical Therapy
  5. The journal of the American Osteopathic Association
  6. British Journal of Sports Medicine
  7. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation
  8. American Journal of Sports Medicine
  9. Sports medicine
  10. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
  11. Manual Therapy
  12. Journal of Athletic Training
  13. The journal of orthopaedic and sports physical therapy
  14. Spine
  15. Journal of the American Dental Association
  16. Strength & Conditioning Journal
  17. American Journal of Occupational Therapy
  18. Clinical Rehabilitation
  19. Annals of Internal Medicine
  20. Pediatrics
  21. The Lancet
  22. PAIN

Most Popular Still One Search Searches

Search term(s)        # Searches

Physical Therapy  421

Patient  286

Search databases, art...  275

Costanzo  272

UpToDate  256

Anatomy  243

Rosen's Emergency Med  232

Cancer  221

Obesity  183

Ethics  182

Epidemiology  176

Occupational Therapy  176

Boron Physiology  170

Scholarly Writing  165

Bates  161

Evidence based practice  153

Osteopathy/Osteopathic  148

Harrison's  141

Health Belief Model  129

Rotator cuff repair  129

Foundations of Osteop Med  119

Textbook of Family Med  116

Social cognitive theory  103

Levinson Microbiology  98

t4 syndrome  90

Health promotion  83

Most Popular eBooks 2014

  1. Foundations of Clinical Research    Rittenhouse
  2. Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine    LWW
  3. Harrison's                McGraw-Hill
  4. The Color Atlas of Family Medicine, 2e    McGraw-Hill
  5. Fundamentals of Medical Physiology    Thieme
  6. Principles and Practice of Hosp Med    McGraw-Hill
  7. Current Diagnosis: Psychiatry        McGraw Hill
  8. Goodman & Gilman's             McGraw-Hill
  9. The 5-Minute Osteopathic Medicine    LWW
  10. Rosen's Emergency Medicine        ClinicalKey
  11. Rev of Med Microbiology and Immunology    McGraw-Hill
  12. Current Med Diag and Treatment 2013    McGraw-Hill
  13. Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry    McGraw-Hill
  14. Grant’s Dissector, 15e            LWW
  15. Palpation Techniques            Thieme
  16. Locomotor System (Vol. 1)        Thieme
  17. Dutton's Orthopaedic Examination    McGraw-Hill
  18. Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 7e        LWW
  19. Pocket Atlas of Pharmacology        Thieme
  20. Essentials of musculoskeletal care    Stat!Ref