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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 7, 2015: April

Check-It-Out@April 2015!

                       You guessed it!  The Seventh issue of the Check-It-Out is now available.  Take a look and provide suggestions for future issues.

From the University Librarian Mike Kronenfeld reviews several new resources offered by the Library as well as reminds everyone about the Library's new Liaison program to provide improved support of the University's programs and faculty.  
Missouri Branch Updates Jean Sidwell reports on the latest changes and new offerings provided by MOBIUS, Missouri's collaborative Library organization.  
ETDC Update It's been a busy time here for the ETDC in the past few months!  Come learn about NextGen, 3-D Printing, and a recent publication by our very own Bill Coombs on the LibGuide transition process.  

Self-Assessment Page - Board Vitals

Getting ready for professional Boards?  Checkout our new board preparation site - Board Vitals

2014 Statistics Review See a quick summary of Library usage statistics for 2014 as well as a quick listing of its most used resources and of topics most frequently searched.  
Horizon 2015 Higher Education Report

Learn about the new technologies expected to change how Higher Education is taught in the next 1-5 years!  Also - discover which technologies ATSU is already using! 

Who's Who in the Library Starting in 2008, this library staff member and new graduate of Truman State University transitioned through various positions within the library and is finishing up earning a Master's Degree in Library Science.  Can you guess who it might be?  

Audio Digest (Podcasts!!!)

Want to hear podcasts updating information on clinical topics?  Earn CME credit?  Learn more about Audio Digests and downloading and using its podcasts.  

Changes to Copyright Policy

A recent copyright webinar led to some significant changes in the Library's Copyright Policy.  For your reference and when questioning what is appropriate, be sure to read this carefully and ask any library staff member, if you have questions!  
New Resources Books, Journals, etc. Are you curious about the current and new resources the Library provides?  This is the place to check quarterly and be the first to know what is happening.  
News and Articles from Library Resources Do you want to see the most frequently emailed articles from the New England Journal of Medicine?  The latest Cochrane reviews?  The most recently update UptoDate topics.  This page is constantly being updated via RSS feeds toC check it out now and when ever you want to see what is new from many of the Library's resources.  

Check-It-Out @Archives  

Did you miss an issue of Check-It-Out?  Read the past issues in our Archives area.  


                             Michael Kronenfeld