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Request a Room through EMS

Search for Available Rooms

To search for available rooms, do the following:

  1. On the Room Request page, choose one of the following from the left pane: 
    • Let Me Search For A Room
    • I Know What Room I Want 

    Filters in the left pane help you narrow your room search results. When you click Search, results appear on the right. From these results, you can view room details by clicking the room name, and view any available floor plans by clicking the floor plan icon next to it.

    You can click the Add/Remove buttons next to Locations, Floors, Setup Types, and Features to add or expand your filters.

  2. To filter your search by Location, click Add/Remove next to Location.

    A list of available locations display. Select the locations filters you want to apply (or search by keyword), and then click Update Locations. This filters the results of your keyword search on the Add New Favorite Room dialog (above). Your filter settings are saved, and you will have to go back in and remove them if you want to expand search results beyond these locations.

    If it is a special date, a banner with the name of the special date appears.

  3. Once you have located a room to reserve, click the add (+) icon to add it to your reservation.

    This adds the booking to your cart.

Book Multiple Rooms

During the reservation process, you can select more than one room.

  1. Once you have found available rooms, click the Add(+) icon to move each room into the Selected Rooms area. You can repeat this for each room you want to add to your reservation.

  2. As you book each room, EMS will prompt you to enter attendees and setup type as follows:
    1. Enter the headcount in the No. of Attendees field.
    2. Click the Add Room button to book the room.

  3. Click Next Step to continue with the booking process.

Make A One Time Request

  1. You can begin making a reservation by clicking the CREATE A RESERVATION option (on the left menu) or the Book Now button next to one of your reservation templates (on the right).

Specify When and Where

  • To specify When, select dates, times, recurrence (optional), and time zone for the reservation in the upper left pane.

  • To specify Where, in lower left pane, select one of the following:

    • Let Me Search for a Room

    • I Know What Room I Want

  • Filters in this lower left pane help you narrow your Room Search Results. When you click Search, results appear on the right.

    • From these results, you can view expanded Room Details by clicking on the room name.

  • Once you have located a room to reserve, click the Add (+) icon to add the booking to your cart. You can delete or change the room before finalizing your Reservation. You can add multiple rooms to your reservation at this time. 
  • A pop-up will appear when you add the room to your cart. Fill out your estimated attendance for the event and click Add Room.

  • Scroll back to the top of the page and click Next Step.

Specify Reservation Details

  • After choosing Next Step, you'll be taken to a page where you can enter your reservation details. This includes 'who' and 'what' meaning you'll here is where you'll give your Event a name and a responsible party others can contact to ask questions about the reservation. 
  • Fill out your Event Name and select an Event type. If you are unsure how to label your event, please see our Glossary for definitions.
  • Next, decide if you want this reservation to appear on your personal Google Calendar. If you do, leave the box marked Add to Calendar/Send Invitations as checked.
    • If you do not want this on your personal calendar, please uncheck this box.
  • Then choose a Responsible Party. The Responsible Party is the person who all others should contact about the reservation (for more information or for trading rooms). This automatically defaults to the person making the reservation but can be changed to another party by clicking the magnifying glass icon and searching the name of the other party. 
    • You can also add a secondary employee for others to contact for more information. They will not be able to edit the reservation. 
    • **No matter who is chosen as the responsible party or the 1st contact, the person submitting the reservation request will always be the person who will edit the reservation in EMS.**

  • Next, under Additional Information please describe your event/meeting. You can give more details here or you can just copy/paste the Event title.

  • Click Create Reservation and you're done!

Make a Recurring Request

  1. You can begin making a reservation by clicking the CREATE A RESERVATION option (on the left menu) or the Book Now button next to one of your reservation templates (on the right).

Specify When and Where 

  1. To specify When, select dates and times.
  2. Click the Recurrence button.

    1. Follow the prompts to select the frequency, date range, day of the week, start and end times, and time zone for the recurrence.

    2. Click Apply Recurrence to validate your entries and return to the New Booking screen.

      Once booked, each meeting will show as a single Booking in your My Bookings area on MY HOME. 

  3. Search and add rooms to your reservation. 
  4. Fill out all required Event details.
  5. Create Reservation

Does your Recurring Request have conflicts?

When booking a recurring meeting, you might encounter a booking conflict. To resolve this conflict:

  1. Create your recurring reservation.
  2. Use filters to search for a room matching your needs.
    1. If you search for a room by name it may not appear; rooms with requested or confirmed bookings will not appear in the search box.
    2. The easiest way to view all rooms regardless of booking status is to click Search beneath Locations without selecting any filters. 
  3. Choose a room by clicking the Add (+) button next to the Location.
  4. To avoid booking conflicts, choose a room that is available for the entire span of your recurring meeting (as displayed in the Days Available column).

    1. Rooms are listed in order of their availability. Rooms with 100% availability are shown first. 

Days Available Column Indicates Potential Conflicts

  1. If the room you need is only available for some of your requested dates, scroll until you find the room. You can click the Add icon to add it to your reservation but you will receive a message that says your room(s) are only available for some of your dates.
  2. Scroll to the top of the page and click Next Step,
  3. Fill out your Reservation details and click Create Reservation.
  4. Your request will show as sent but you will be told again that your reservation has conflicting bookings and they must be addressed. Click Edit this reservation.

9. You will enter the reservation editing page. Scroll down until you see the list of your recurring bookings. Under status you will be able to see which dates have a Web Conflict. To choose a different room for any conflicted bookings, click on the pencil icon to the left of the booking. 

10. You will now see a screen similar to the one where you first create a reservation. Search for a room to substitute for the one you've chosen that is already booked. Click the Add (+) icon next to the new room you wish to choose. It will then replace your old, conflicted room choice.

11. You'll see a schedule view of your new room choice to confirm it is empty at your requested time. Then click Update Booking

12. You'll be returned to the Edit Reservation screen where you can now check the status of your bookings. All bookings where you have chosen a new room will flip the status from Web Conflict to Requested.

Make a Reservation with Bookings on Random Dates/No Pattern

Though there are a few extra steps involved, it is possible to create a recurring reservation where the dates you need to choose do not have a pattern (weekly, monthly, daily) or have specific dates. 

This option is only available if your reservation is not added to a Google calendar.

  1. With the first date of your first meeting, follow the steps of creating a one-time reservation.
  2. Once your reservation has been submitted and you see the confirmation screen, click Edit this Reservation.

       3. Scroll down to the Bookings section, where you'll see your first booking for the reservation. Click New Booking

     4. Choose the date and time for your next meeting, and then select your room. Then click Update Reservation.

You can continue adding new bookings to the reservation for all the specific dates you have. Now you won't have to make separate reservations for the same meeting over and over!