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Request a Room through EMS


You may want to designate another EMS Web App user to make reservations and room requests and so forth on your behalf. You may need to do this, for example, to get someone else to handle your EMS work during your absence.

You begin by adding one or more EMS users to act as your delegate. Then they can log in and request to "Act As" you. You can keep track of their actions on your behalf, and any event invitations, cancellations, changes, room requests, service requests, and so on that they create on your behalf will appear to other EMS users as yours.

Add a Delegate to Act as You 

  1. Open the My Account option from the upper-right of EMS Web App.     


  2. Click the Delegates tab and add your delegates.

Acting on Behalf of Another 

  1. From the My Account dropdown, click Act As.
  2. In the Act As window, select which user you will be acting as and click OK to confirm.

    Once activated, the user you are acting as will show in the upper-right corner of the EMS Web App, like this:

Save Favorite Rooms

Under My Account, you can create a list of favorite rooms. This streamlines the process of searching for available space when you request or reserve rooms. 

  1. Under the dropdown arrow next to your name in the upper-right of EMS Web App, click My Account. 

    The User Options page opens, showing tabs along the top where you can customize your user profile.

  2. Click the Favorite Rooms tab to work with a list of your favorite rooms. Any rooms you have already saved as favorites are listed under Your Saved Favorite Rooms.
  3. In the Search field, you can search for room you want to favorite (your search string is not case-sensitive but characters must be in the correct order). Enter your search string. The dropdown updates to show results (taking into account your Location filters).

    You can filter your search results by clicking Filter by Location, which presents a list of locations by Building or view. Select the locations filters you want to apply (or search by keyword), and then click Update Locations. This filters the results of your keyword search on the Add New Favorite Room dialog (above). Your filter settings are saved, and you will have to go back in and remove them if you want to expand search results beyond these locations.

  4. To add a favorite to the list, select it from the search results. The room is added to Your Saved Favorite Rooms. When you book a room in EMS Web App, you can now choose more quickly from your Favorites list.

    Once you have established favorites, EMS Web App uses these to filter your search results when you search for available space during the reservation process.

    To remove a favorite, click X next to the room in Your Saved Favorite Rooms.