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Request a Room through EMS

How can I access EMS?

EMS is found in the ATSU Portal. You can find it two ways.

  1. In the Portal, click Resources in the left side menu. Then click My Tools. EMS will appear in this section. 
  2. Using the magnifying glass/search feature in the Portal, type EMS in the search box. 

Separate accounts are not required for EMS; employees are pre-loaded in the system. Your login to EMS will be automatic and you can begin booking rooms right away! 

Do I still need to email Room Booking AZ to request a room?

No. You may send questions about how to use EMS to room booking AZ but we will no longer be booking for you. The power is yours!

How do I sign up for an EMS Account?

Good news! You don't have to. We've already pre-loaded all faculty and staff into EMS. When you access the Web App from the ATSU Portal you will be automatically logged in and can start booking immediately! 

Can I access EMS off campus without VPN?

Yes. You will be able to navigate to the ATSU Portal and find EMS there. Accessing EMS through the Portal will allow you to book rooms when off campus without VPN. 

How far in advance may I book?

Once classroom schedules are approved and added to EMS, booking will open for the next academic year. This runs from July of the current year to June of the next year. 

How will class schedules be handled?

Yearly (Fall/Spring) class schedules will still be collected and drafted by library staff. Once negotiations between schools are completed, library staff will enter the full schedule into EMS for each school. 

The current process for drafting class schedules is to collect them in March and have negotiations finished by the beginning of April. 

Can I allow others to make requests for me?

Yes! You can choose to add delegates to your EMS account. Delegates can request rooms on your behalf through their account, but the requests will show on your account so you may make changes later if needed. 

Can students use EMS?

No, students are currently not uploaded in the system. They should continue to utilize Engage for their events. The process by which student organizations will book their rooms for events is currently being decided between Student Life and the Library. 

Students may use the LibCal reservation system to reserve the 4 Library study rooms, located in 5850.

How can I add a lot of guests to my meeting with the Google/EMS Integration?

It's pretty easy to add a couple of guests to your EMS reservation request using the Google Calendar/EMS integration, but you won't be able to pull large groups of guests or personalized lists of guests into the system. 

If you do need to invite a large list of guests to an event you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Create your reservation request and make sure the Add to Calendar/Send Invitations box is checked. Add any details in the Notes field you will want your guests to see (Zoom link, agenda, etc...)
  2. Submit your reservation. Go to your personal Google Calendar and you should see the new event on the date/time you requested. 
    1. Open the event; it will look like a regular calendar event.
  3. Add your guests using the Add Guests field on the right side of the page. 

4. Save the changes you've made to the event. 

Can I customize my EMS calendars with different colors?

Unfortunately, no. This is not currently an available feature in EMS.