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Request a Room through EMS

What is EMS?

Accruent EMS is classroom booking software that unifies event and conference scheduling, academic class and exam scheduling, campus events and space reservation, faculty meeting bookings and more.




EMS Training

Here is a video of an EMS training session. If you need a one-on-one training session, please email


EMS Bugs to Note

As of July 15th, 2021 there are two errors currently reported to EMS. **Google calendar integration issues have been reported and are currently being investigated.

  1. Time Zone issue
    1. You are unable to make any bookings within one hour of the current time. For example: if it is 1:30pm and you have a last-minute need for a space at 1:45pm, you will not be able to make a reservation request. 
      1. There is a known issue with Arizona being considered as part of the MST time zone. EMS does not recognize that Arizona does not fall forward and backward an hour for Daylight Savings. 
      2. This does not affect your reservation time in any other way; your request will show at the correct time you've chosen in EMS and will be added at the correct time to your Google calendar if you chose to add it through EMS. You just can't book within the hour for any last-minute reservations. 
  2. First-time login issue
    1. The first time you log in to EMS and try to reserve a room, you may see an error that states 'There was a problem attempting to complete the action you requested. Please try again at a later time.'
      1. To remove this error, please go up to the top right corner where you'll see your name. Click your name and choose to Log Out. Then click Sign In. You should now be able to reserve rooms. 
    2. If you do encounter this error please note the time this occurred, then email to report it. We need a timestamp on the error to fix it. 



Finding EMS

Access EMS through the ATSU Portal.

You can simply type EMS in the search box in the portal or go to Resources - My Tools - EMS