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Request a Room through EMS

Browse Events

Browse Events Before Making a Reservation
  1. Click Browse > Events in the menu bar.
  2. To browse existing events from BROWSE EVENTS, click on an event name. This shows Event Details in a popup.
  3. To see Room information, click the room name.

Browse Events Using Filters

You can use filters along the top of the Browse Events window to narrow your results. These are explained below.

Your Administrator might have set up special preset views and filters for you. If you save your filter settings, they are remembered the next time you open the Browse Events page.




Events scheduled for the current day’s date in a list view.


Events scheduled for the current week (weeks always begin on a Sunday) in a list view.


Events that are scheduled for the current month in a calendar view.

To filter basic information, use the filters along the top of the window.

Basic Filters

How They Work



The date on which the view will focus. 

Time Zone

The time zone in which to display the schedule.

To filter in more detail, click the drop-down option.

Detailed Filters

How They Work


Browse only events for the location you select.


Browse only events for the room you select.


Browse only events for the group you select. 

Event Name

Browse for a specific event by name. 

Group Type

Browse for all events for a type of group you specify.

Room Types

Browse for events in a type of room you specify.

Browse Locations

The EMS Web App LOCATIONS menu option helps you explore facilities and booked space and is especially useful when you know which space you want and need to find time slots when the space is available. Once you have located an available time slot, you can click CREATE A RESERVATION from the main menu to book space.

  1. From the left menu in EMS Web App, click BROWSE > LOCATIONS. The Browse Locations page shows available rooms in a calendar view.

    Filters along the top of the Browse Locations page enable you to quickly focus the view on rooms in a specific time frame and by room features, such as equipment, room type, and geographic location. This helps you find available space to quickly meet your requirements. To add and remove location filters, click the Add/Remove Locations option, which presents a Locations filter popup where you can select by building, area, and view.

  2. To learn more about a location, click the location name. The Location Details window appears (if you have permissions), showing details about the location. 
  3. Click View All Building & Room Details to see details. Depending on how your Administrator has configured your EMS Web App application, the window can show varying information about the location, including the building details (name, description, and/or notes), photos and floorplans (images), description, room type, setup type, and other features. (For detailed booking instructions, see Create a Reservation in the EMS Web App.)

Locate People

You can click BROWSE > PEOPLE from the main EMS Web App menu to find a Group or Host who is scheduled to have a meeting, event, or workspace reservation. You can locate space in close proximity to a colleague with a workspace reservation or find the location of a meeting you are attending.

Previous releases of EMS called this "Locate a group."

To search for a reservation hosted by a specific person or group, enter at least the first three letters in the Name field (EMS Web App will suggest the closest match), and then click Search.   

The Search field is not case-sensitive and you can search by any portion of the Group/person's name.

While the default number of search characters is three, this number can be configured by your EMS Administrator through the Minimum Characters to Initiate Type Ahead Search parameter. See Also: Everyday User Application Parameters.

From the results, you can click the Event Name for more details, to add to your personal calendar, or to share on social media. You can click the Location field for more information about the location including properties, applicable set-up types and corresponding capacities, and built-in features. You can click the Floor Plan icon to reveal where the location is situated on a floor map (requires module purchase and configuration).