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Request a Room through EMS

Filter Terms

Location: This refers to the building the space you wish to reserve is located in, or next to if it's an outside space

Floor: You can narrow down your search results by building floor. 

Features: This refers to what the room has available regarding technology or special features. This list includes things like Echo 360, whiteboards, projectors, cameras, etc...

Number of people: You can narrow down your room options by entering the number of people you need to fit in the space. This means only rooms with a large enough seating capacity will be shown.

I Know What Room I Want: Clicking this menu will display a search box. You can search directly for the space you want to reserve if you already know where you'd like to hold your event.

*Setup and Room type definitions are listed below.

Event Type definitions

Event Type: This field describes the type of booking you're making.

The current event types are -

  • Class 
  • Event - this is meant for workshops, lunch & learn sessions, training, anything you will be inviting people to
  • Interview - this is meant to note bookings for interview days
  • Maintenance - this can be used for Facilities Maintenance or A/V Upgrades Maintenance
  • Meeting
  • Orientation - this would be used to note program orientations
  • Still Healthy
  • Student Org. Event/Meeting
  • Third-party Event - this should be used for any outside organizations using ATSU spaces. Please make sure to have this approved by the appropriate parties before submitting in EMS.

Room Type definitions

Room Type: This field describes what the room is typically used for. These cannot be changed by anyone other than an EMS admin. 

The current room types are -

  • Breakout Room - these rooms are usually used for classtime small group work, waiting areas, meetings where technology isn't needed
  • Classroom - rooms typically used for lectures or presentations
  • Conference Room
  • Debrief Room - specific to the SPC Sim Center area.
  • Exam Room - specific to the SPC Sim Center area.
  • Lab - these rooms are where lab classes take place; contains specialized program equipment 
  • Lab/Lecture - these rooms have tables and chairs for lectures as well as specialized program equipment. Lab activities should take priority when booking these spaces as equipment use is needed. 
  • Lobby
  • Multipurpose Room - specific to 109b, as it can be used for classes, meetings, and lab activities. 
  • Outside Space
  • Student Lounge/Cafe

Set-up Type definitions

Setup Type: This field describes the layout of the room you are booking. These cannot be changed by anyone other than an EMS admin. Any reorganization requests for a room should be submitted to Facilities. 

The current setup types are - 

  • Conference Table - one large conference table
  • Exam Room - contains a patient exam table
  • Lab - may contain items like OMM tables, rehabilitation equipment, specialized equipment for a specific program; some have lecture seating.
  • Lab/Lecture - this means the room can be used for lectures (it has appropriate seating) and lab activities. Lab activities should take priority when booking these spaces as equipment use is needed. 
  • Lobby
  • OMM Tables - room consists of just OMM tables
  • Outdoors
  • Rectangle Table Lecture Seats - long rectangular tables with seats facing the presentation podium
  • Rectangle Table & Chairs - similar to a conference table, but has no built-in technology and is more easily moved
  • Round Table Lecture Seats - round tables with chairs facing the presentation podium or a monitor feed of the presentation
  • Standing Room - no chairs available, tall table to work on while standing 
  • Student Lounge/Cafe
  • Theater Seating - tiered rows of long tables, all chairs face the presentation podium

Other Need to Know Terms

Booking - the where and the when of a reservation; individual bookings can be edited without changing the overall reservation details.

Book Now - click on this button to begin creating a reservation for a space.

EMS - Event Management System; the new software ATSU is using to reserve spaces on the Mesa Campus. 

Delegate - someone who has permission to request spaces for another person

Recurring - a booking that happens more than once

Reservation - the who and the what of the reservation details. 

Responsible Party: the person others should contact for more details about the reservation or to trade rooms.