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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 12, 2017

An update for the ATSM Library activities and additions

Major Still OneSearch Upgrade

On January 19, the library officially merged the AZ and MO campus versions of the online search tool, Still OneSearch.  This means that both campuses have access to all the same resources as the other.  Most users will see no differences.  The following graphic illustrates the changes that have been made to the library's main page

Note: Missouri campus users will need to create a new OneSearch account and migrate their saved citations (emails will go out to those who are affected).

Image of Still OneSearch's new menu box

  1. The search box radial button to select between the Arizona or Missouri campus has been eliminated.

  2. A link to the Missouri campus for those Missouri users who have saved data (saved citations, etc) in their EBSCO Still OneSearch accounts has been temporarily provided.

    • Missouri campus users will need to create a new OneSearch account on our new OneSearch portal and migrate their saved citations (emails will go out to those who are affected)

  3. A link to Rehabilitation Reference Center (a point of care tool for Rehab professionals) has been added to the UpToDate & DynaMedPlus tab for Point of Care research.

Library Website News

After much careful deliberation, the Library is excited to announce that we will be re-designing our website!

Our re-design is scheduled to take effect late February or early March. The re-design focuses on improving the look and feel of our current website while making our services easier to access through some reorganization. While the final launch will not occur until later this spring, you may see some changes occurring in the site as we move forward.

Some important changes you can look forward to include:

  • Improved Still OneSearch search box
  • Program-specific Toolkits for select resources
  • Better-organized discovery tools
  • Updated alumni and distance support page
  • Complete listing of on-campus library services
  • Expanded A-Z database and resource list
  • Etc.

New & Substantially Revised LibGuides

As the Library is making major changes to the Library site and the LibGuides collection as a whole, there is an unusually high number of new or heavily revised LibGuides produced since the previous issue. Many more will be produced or undergo substantial change in the near future.

Program Toolkit Guides