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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 12, 2017

An update for the ATSM Library activities and additions

Missouri Branch Updates

The holiday parties of 2016 are over and we look forward to projects and activities the library will focus on for 2017.

The atmosphere in the library has been relatively quiet since the students left for a much earned Holiday Break.  We are using this quiet time to check out/repair computer lab equipment, place work order for carpets to be cleaned, re-organize/weed the reserve print books, re-cycle old Wall Street Journal and Kirksville Daily Express newspapers, from 2016, and general housekeeping duties. 

Mary Sims completed two display cases with the theme: “Medicine in graphic Art.”  She selected anatomy models to accompany various bones & organs affected by diseases which inspired the art in the books from ATSMLIB collection.  For example a drawing of a person with the gout was strategically placed near an anatomy foot model in the case.

Susan Swogger, MO Branch Liaison for MOSDOH and CGHS, has been reviewing and updating the ATSMLIB LibGuides.  Susan has over 15 years of library experience and spent the last seven years at the Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

The MO Branch Library welcomes Debra (Debbie) Loguda-Summers, Public Services Manager. Debbie replaced William (Bill) Coombs who retired in September 2016.  She joined the Missouri Library staff October 4, 2016.  Her husband Harvey Summers works in the Advancement office on the MO campus.  She has a son and a step-daughter; a dog and a cat.  Debbie’s duties include:  Managing and supervising Interlibrary Loan and Circulation staff;   supervising 35 library work-study student schedules and payroll; 3D print model management, reorganization and repair of the 3D printer cleaning station which included the creation of a notebook with Hazardous Material procedures and contact numbers for 3D model cleaning chemicals.  She contacted Dr. Sargentini, Hazardous Materials Management Committee Chair and set up an inspection for the 3D model cleaning station.  The library received no citations or warnings as a result. 

Debbie, who transferred to the library from the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine and International Center for Osteopathic History, has a special skill for writing successful grants.  The library plans to take advantage of her grant writing expertise.  Her hobbies include traveling, reading, and cooking.

The MO branch ATSMLIB staff look forward to serving the faculty, students and staff on the ATSU Missouri campus in 2017.

Arizona Branch Updates

Standing deskA picture is worth a thousand words, I'll try to keep it below 150.

First, the library now offers several rolling standing desks courtesy of the SOMA Class of 2019 and Student Services which can be borrowed by students, staff or faculty for daily use.  They can be used in any building.  We ask that they are rolled back each day to the library at the end of the day.

Second, where journals once stood, now stands the "Highlighting ATSU Research" display of recent research posters.  Check them out as they change monthly.

Third, the coloring book station is located in the far corner of the front study area.  Sit down and destress for a while.

Last, please clean up any garbage from snacks or drinks you might be enjoying while in the library.

Happy studying!