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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 12, 2017

An update for the ATSM Library activities and additions

Mike Kronenfeld, University Librarian

Michael was made a mentor in the Association of Academic Health Science Libraries and the National Library of Medicine's Leadership Fellows Program. (  This program prepares emerging leaders for director positions in academic health sciences libraries (AHSLs).  Five selected mid level academic health science library administrators with a substantial record of leadership accomplishment and potential for a director position are paired with five AHSL directors in a program to prepare strong leaders in the profession for the future.

Hal Bright and Mike have been accepted to give a 5 minute 'Lightning Round' presentation titled "Developing a Library Clinical App to Bring the Evidence to the Point of Care" at the Medical Library Association meeting on May 29 th in Seattle.

Hal Bright, Arizona Branch Director & Electronic Resources Librarian

Mike Kronenfeld and I will give a quick update paper at our professional Medical Library Association (MLA) conference in May 2017 on the Library Clinical App.  I was elected incoming president of the Central Arizona Biomedical Librarians (CABL) group and will be in charge of our CE program in 2017.  As incoming chair of the MLA Education Media and Technology Section, I successfully set up a program for our upcoming 2017 MLA conference.  I am also chairing the 2018 Joint Library conference committee for 2018 for the regional MLA section. 

Adrienne Brodie, SOMA Liaison & AZ Distance Support Librarian

I am currently working on meeting each faculty member within the SOMA and ASHS programs.  This effort is to increase the faculty awareness that you have your own personal librarian.  I have enjoyed getting the opportunity to meet each person, and have a brief chat on all the library has to offer them.  I am still in the process of meeting everyone, but if you feel you have been missed, then send me an email at

I am also organizing a 3D printer contest.  Read the front page of the newsletter for more information, or contact me directly.

Susan E. Swogger, MOSDOH, CGHS, & Distance Support Librarian

I am currently engaged in a major expansion and revision of the LibGuides component of the Library website, as well as assisting with the revision of the core Library site. I am also getting to know the faculty and staff of my two liaison areas, and learning how to act as an effective support. Recently, I filmed a brief webinar about polling in classrooms, which is being edited for release.

I recently visited Des Moines for the 2016 MCMLA Conference, and will go to Seattle for MLA Annual Conference in May, where I will serve as Past Chair to the Collection Development Section, as well as website editor, etc.