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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 12, 2017

An update for the ATSM Library activities and additions

3D printer contest

A call for entries!

    Fascinated by the 3D printer? Have a great idea for a model?  Now is your chance to get it printed and put it to use!  The library is holding a 3D printer contest, with cash prizes.  Simply create a model and come up with a way it could be used in healthcare education.  Models will be judged on innovation, creativity or originality, impact on learning, and ability to meet their

learning objectives.  The top three 3D models from each campus will be awarded: 1st

place $250, 2nd place $150, and 3rd place $100.  Group winners must split the prize among themselves. Each contestant  or group must submit a written proposal and an STL file for the library to print, by 2/14/2017.  Prizes will be awarded  5/02/2017.


For more information on our 3D printer, check out our guide.  The Pre-Made 3D models tab has websites that offer pre-made model designs.  Have additional questions?  Email Adrienne Brodie ( for Mesa and Debra Loguda-Summers ( for Kirksville.


Official contest rules:

  1. Individuals or teams of up to three people can provide a submission.

  2. Submissions are provided to Adrienne Brodie on the Mesa campus and Debra Loguda-Summers on the Kirksville campus.  They will also be the point person for all questions.

  3. Contest is open to all ATSU faculty, staff and students.

  4. Contestants must submit a written proposal and complete STL file to Adrienne Brodie or Debra Loguda-Summers.

  5. The written proposal should include how the 3D print model will be used, their intended learning objectives, who their audience will be, and how they will tell if they have accomplished their goal.

  6. 3D models can be created by contestants or from pre-made models found online.  The library can provide a few places to check for models.

  7. Model files must be in STL files, and can not be larger than 5x5x5 inches.

  8. All STL files will be printed by the library staff.

  9. All models will be printed wavy, not solid, to conserve material.

  10. Each contestant/or group will be able to keep their model.

  11. No previous printing jobs can be submitted for contest.

  12. Library staff are responsible for organizing and managing the contest.  They are not allowed to be judges.

  13. If there are any issues with printing the STL file, either Adrienne or Debra will contact the contestant.

  14. Faculty or Staff winners will have taxes deducted from their winnings.