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How to use BrowZine Mobile and your Personal BookShelf
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What is BrowZine?

BrowZine is a browsable bookshelf utility that delivers thousands of academic journals to your tablet, iPhone or Android phone, or the web.  Create a personal bookshelf of journals to keep up with the newest articles and research from your selection. Save your favorite articles in your personal account.

How Can You Use Browzine?

BrowZine works by making most online journals offered by the A.T. Still Memorial Library instantly available on one common newsstand app or web interface, which you can customize to your interests. You can:

  • Browse new journal issues in ONE app or interface
  • Read new articles online on your tablet, smartphone or the web
  • Organize a library of saved articles to access from either app or web
  • Email them in one step
  • Download and save them for offline reading
  • Send them to ZoteroMendeley, or other citation manager
  • Open most of them in many other apps or programs, including iAnnotate and DropBox
  • Share their citations and your comments on Twitter or Facebook
  • Sync your favorites across your devices and web account
  • Etc.!

The result is an easy and familiar way to browse, read and monitor scholarly journals across disciplines.

Use BrowZine to easily keep up with the newest article research in your field!

Get the Apps

  1. Download BrowZine by simply going to the relevant app store for your device and search for "browzine". It's a free download. 
  2. Next, select "A.T. Still University" from the library list (use this for both libraries for now). 
    • You will be prompted to log in with your ATSU id.
      • Note: You must update your saved Browzine password whenever you update your email password.
  3. Create a personal ID within BrowZine in order to be able to save and sync your settings between devices and the web utility.
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