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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 12, 2017

An update for the ATSM Library activities and additions

Blackboard Support News

ETDC Blackboard Helpdesk   



Since the end of July, the ETDC has been acting as an in-person Blackboard helpdesk for how-to and similar questions, in partnership with ITS. This service includes one-on-one overviews of Blackboard, help organizing and uploading content, and directing more significant problems up the chain to ITS. We’re happy to report that we’ve already had 50 blackboard appointments!

To schedule an appointment send an email to or stop by her office in Mesa or Susan Swogger ( in Kirksville!

New Kirksville ETDC Librarian

The ETDC would like to welcome Susan Swogger to the ETDC team. Susan is a huge asset and has been overseeing our LibGuide improvements. Stop by the library or send her an email to say hello!

Areas of ETDC Focus:

  • LibGuide Creation & Support
  • Blackboard Support


Changes to LibGuides

If you haven’t noticed, the look and feel of our LibGuides is starting to change. We’re working on integrating them into our upcoming re-design of the library website!

The ETDC is working to improve accessibility of the guides, including updating their organization. Each School will have space for its own specific Group and guide design, if desired. These pages will be dedicated to content designed by the school’s faculty. The Library will also create a Toolkit for each School and program to act as a portal to select Library e-resources  and other subject-specific content, as well as tutorials and subject guides as needed. If you are interested in creating program pages or have specific library resources you think should go on your school’s Tookit LibGuide please contact your liaison librarian!


Coming Soon! Technology Happy Hour

The ETDC is pleased to announce that we will be, in partnership with ITS and the Teaching & Learning Center, hosting Technology Happy Hours later this year. These informal meetings will offer coffee, discussions or demonstrations of emergent technologies, and a chance for Faculty to share ideas.

Coming Soon! New ETDC LibGuide Content

The ETDC is pleased to announce that it will be launching a major expansion and revision of its content pages, co-ordinated with the upcoming major overhaul of the Library site and pages. Stay tuned for new and updated content! Some page updates include: support for polling, social media use, and lecture recording.