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About the A.T. Still Memorial Library

This page offers information about the services and branches of the Library

Resources & Access

The MO Library Technology Study Room offers advanced PC and MAC computers, an assortment of accessibility and communications hardware, and a range of specialized software to support creativity, media creation, communications, analytical, accessibility and productivity software for student and faculty use.

Technology and equipment for this space was subsidized by a grant from the AAOA Special Projects Fund, a program of the Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association.

How to Use This Room

Visit the Circulation desk or contact to reserve this room for up to 4 hours at a time.  

Priorities for use:

  1. Reservations
  2. Use of TSR resources
  3. Open use

If you want to use this room, please visit the Circulation Desk. If the room is not reserved, you can use it for up to 2 hours without a reservation. You can renew it for another 2 hours if no one is waiting.

Room Features & Hardware

  • Computers
    • 1 enhanced PC
    • 1 MAC
  • Auditory Shielding
  • Auto-Feed Scanner
  • Earplugs
  • Headphones
  • Green Screen Wall
  • Irlen Color Overlays
  • White Noise Generator 
  • Yeti Microphone

Accessibility Software & Tools

Program Description
Dragon Naturally Speaking
Natural Reader (free)
ZoomText Magnifier/Reader

Hardware & Tools

Tool Description
Irlen Colored Overlays
  • Translucent colored overlays to reduce eyestrain 
  • Irlen Information Site
  • Note: These items may be removed from the MO Tech Study Room for use within the Library
  • Disposable earplugs to block distracting noise
  • Note: These items are yours to keep - do NOT leave used ones in the MO Tech Study Room
White Noise Generator
  • White noise generator
  • This room is not soundproofed.
  • Use this to block distracting noise 
  • Use this to increase privacy
Feed Scanner
  • Feed Scanner
  • Feed copied pages into scanner in order to use ZoomText to magnify them or read them aloud
Ergonomic Station
  • Ergonomic wrist pads and mouse
  • Use these to reduce strain on your hands

3D Design & Printing Software

Program Description
Blender >(free)
  • 3D creation suite
  • Modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and game creation
  • Blender tutorials
Fusion 260 Student (free)
GrabCAD (free)
  • Stratasys 3D design community, downloads, and software
  • Contact the 3D Printshop or MO Tech Study Room for the ATSU password
  • GrabCAD tutorials
MeshMixer (free)
3D Slicer (free)

Visit the 3D Printshop in the Library and 3D Printshop Guide online for more information and resources.

Analytical Software

Program Description
Epi Info (free)
Maxstat Lite (free)
MS Excel
SAS (free)
SPSS Statstics

Communications & Web Conferencing Software & Tools

Program Description
  • Video conferencing app
Zoom Pro

Creativity & Media Software & Tools

Program Description
Audacity (free)
MS Publisher
Zoom Pro

Hardware & Tools

Tool Description
  • Web camera
  • Use to record yourself talking or with communications or conferencing software
  • Greenscreen wall 
  • Use with video programs that are compatible with this feature - Zoom, Camtasia, etc.
Yeti Microphone
  • Microphone
  • For use with communications or recording programs

Productivity Software

Program Description
Acrobat Pro
  • Document management software
  • Create, edit & sign pdfs
Dragon Naturally Speaking
Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Office Software
  • OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, etc.