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About the A.T. Still Memorial Library

This page offers information about the services and branches of the Library

Arizona Branch Contact Information

A.T. Still Memorial Library - Arizona
5850 E Still Circle
Mesa, AZ 85251

Arizona Library Hours

Library Borrowing

  ATSU Student Borrowing Period ATSU Faculty Borrowing Period
General Collection Books 28 Days 28 Days
Reserve Books 4 Hours; In-Library Only 4 Hours
Reserve DVDs 4 Hours 4 Hours
Anatomical Models 4 Hours; In-Library Only See Librarian
Reflex Hammers 4 Hours See Librarian
Portable Whiteboards w/ Marker Kits 4 Hours See Librarian
Camping Chairs 4 Hours See Librarian

The library also provides a collection of media viewing and recording equipment for use in-Library and is available for borrowing with special arrangements. See Library staff to make arrangements.

  ATSU Student Borrowing Period ATSU Faculty Borrowing Period
Headphones 4 hours See Librarian
Video Projectors & Screens See Librarian See Librarian
Portable PA System See Librarian See Librarian
Tripods See Librarian See Librarian
Travel Poster Tubes See Librarian See Librarian

Arizona Campus Textbook Reserves

Arizona campus textbook reserves are available at the library front desk. The library is staffed from 8 am - 5 pm, Mondays through Fridays. Reserve books are available for checkout for up to 4 hours.

Overdue Items

Overdue Notices

  Return date Overdue Notice 2nd Notice 3rd Notice
Standard Books Backdate to last staff check of return bin Due date Week 3

Week 6

  • Book is assumed lost
  • Borrower is charged replacement cost plus $20 processing fee
  • Borrower can return book or provide new copy to vacate fees
  • Borrower cannot borrow more books until this is resolved
Reserve Books, Media Backdate to last staff check of return bin Due Date Week 2

Week 3

  • Item is assumed lost
  • Borrower is charged replacement cost plus $20 processing fee
  • Borrower cannot borrow more items until this is resolved

Study Rooms & Spaces

The library provides four study rooms and a quiet study area in the back of the Library.  These spaces are able to be reserved by using the Self Check-in QR code or the Reserve a Study Seat button on the Library homepage.  If you are studying alone, please use a study cubicle.  Study rooms should be used for group study.

Map Space Key Ground Floor - Building 5850
Library Staff  
Student Study Rooms  
Other Spaces  
Restroom Restroom icon


floor map of the Arizona branch library

Anatomical Models

The Arizona campus library has a number of anatomy models available for use.  Models can be checked out from the library front desk.  Models must stay in the library and are not allowed in other parts of the building. 

Check out our Models guide to see what we have available!

Copying, Scanning, & Printing

Color Copy/Printing

The library has one color copier/printer available for ATSU students and faculty at a cost of $0.10 per page. Users must provide the file on a USB drive for printing. Black and white copies are $0.05 per page.

Scans and copies can be emailed as pdfs at no charge.

  • The use of this machine is for academic purposes only.

Free student printing is not overseen by the Library. Please contact ITS for student printing assistance. Free student printers are available outside the library and to the left, near Bucky's marketplace.

Poster Printing

The library provides free poster printing services for conferences and school-related activities.

See the Poster Printing Guide for more information.

Room Reservation Services

The library is no longer providing Room Reservation Services external to the Library facilities.  All room requests are to be submitted through the EMS Booking Software.

Faculty, Staff, & Affiliates

All room requests are to be submitted through the Accruent EMS system, found through the ATSU portal.  Search for "EMS Booking Software" to begin requesting rooms.  Tutorials for Accurent EMS are available on the Request a Room through EMS Guide.

Room Booking Policy

Rooms must be reserved through EMS Booking Software. Tagging a room on a personal calendar event without reserving it through EMS with not reserve you that space. These bookings will not be honored.


Study rooms in the library space are reserved through two methods.

1. Use the Self Check-in QR code outside the study room.

2. Use the Reserve a Study Seat button found on the Library homepage.

We do not reserve rooms for students unless the request comes from a University approved Student Group.

Student Groups are to submit room requests via Engage.