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3D Printing Services

A 3-D Printing Guide From A.T. Still Memorial Library and ATSU Information Technology Services

COVID-19 Related Printing

Find COVID-19 outbreak related 3D printing information HERE.

Arizona campus 3D printing is paused until staff return to campus.

STEP ONE : Find/Create STL file

STEP ONE : Find or Make an STL file

The 3D Printers require a CAD based STL (STereoLithography) file for printing. STL files can be created using a 3D scanner or downloaded from other sources.

  • Users must bring a suitable STL file to the Library for use with the printer.
    • See the page to the left for assistance finding an open source STL file suitable for printing. 
STL & CAD file visualization comparison image from Wikipedia

STEP TWO : The Printers

STEP TWO : Mojo Stratasys 3D Printers or F170 Stratasys 3D Printer or Afinia 800 H+1 3D Printer



STEP THREE : The Washers

STEP THREE : WaveWash 55 or SCA-1200 

How to Request a Model

Library Instructions for Model Requests

  1. You must fill out the 3D model printing form with the Library staff experts :
    1. Missouri : Debra Loguda-Summers 
    2. Arizona : Adrienne Brodie
    3. The form will require
      • Your contact information
      • Your School and program affiliation 
      • Information about your desired model - size, type, file
        • The object can be no larger than 10x10x10 cubic inches.
        • Note: There is only one color available for objects in most cases; however, the plastic can be painted upon using model paints.
        • Note: For some projects, we will require an additional step - consultation with ITS. This is often necessary when the model requires significant editing or clean-up, or requires a different material. 
  2. The Library will require an STL file to print your 3D object.
    • You may supply this via USB drive or email. 
    • If you cannot supply an STL file, the Library will help you find one if possible. 
  3. The Library will contact you when your model is complete or if there is a problem.
    • Note: Printing a standard model typically requires between one to two weeks if all required files are of good quality; specific cases may take longer depending on complexity and availability of materials.

Requirements & Limitations

Printed Object Requirements & Limitations

Printer Outputs must meet these limits:

  • Research or academic purposes only
  • Printing area is 10" by 10" by 10"
  • Single color printing only

3D Printer Policy

3D Printer Policy

ATSU 3D printer policy and general guidelines: