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About the A.T. Still Memorial Library

This page offers information about the services and branches of the Library

Arizona Campus Security Contacts

Emergency phone

911 (off-campus)
3-911 (on-campus)

Security Office (emergency or non-emergency)

*7 (on-campus)
0 (switchboard)

Non-emergency Security Office


Arizona Fire & Emergency Procedures

The ATSU community is notified of fires and fire alarms by both an alarm bell and by the ATSU Emergency Notification System, RAVE. Sign up for RAVE to receive all notices directly.

The llbrary has regular fire drills. In the event of a fire drill or emergency, you are expected to leave the library and building, and then follow the diagonal sidewalk heading northeast, or wherever directed. In case of actual fire, head for the nearest marked emergency exit.  Library staff will alert you to this and direct you to the location. If library or other staff tell you to leave the building, you must do so without delay.

For more information on this and other emergency situation procedures, please visit the ATSU Emergency Procedures site.

Arizona Lost & Found

The library turns all items over to the Arizona Campus Security Front Desk.

Contact the Arizona Campus Security Desk at the non-emergency number 480.341.9075 to ask for lost items.

Arizona Library Map

The library provides four study rooms and a quiet study area in the back of the Library.  These spaces are reservable by using the Self Check-in QR code or the Reserve a Study Seat button on the Library homepage.  If you are studying alone, please use a study cubicle.  Study rooms should be used for group study.

Map Space Key Ground Floor - Building 5850
Library Staff  
Student Study Rooms  
Other Spaces  
Restroom Restroom icon


Arizona Library Room Details

>The Arizona library branch provides a number of spaces for student, faculty and visitor use.

Floor Space Type Names Description Policies
1st Floor Study Spaces Open Study Space Groups of tables, standing desks, free-standing computers, etc. in the front space near the entry Open for all
Quiet Study Space Groups of tables, etc near the Group Study Rooms

Reserve a study seat

Self check-in QR codes are available in every cubby

Group Study Rooms Four freely available study rooms with white boards - Prickly Pear, Tumbleweed, Cottonwood 1, Cottonwood 2 Rooms

Reserve a study room

Self check-in QR codes are located outside each room door.

Co-located Special Rooms Palm Classroom Classroom with projector that is open when unused for classes Reserve through the EMS Booking Software via the ATSU Portal

Arizona Computers & Technology

The Arizona Library provides access to :

  • Wifi for ATSU use
  • 2 Computers for anyone to use
  • Monitors with HDMI cables you can use as second monitors for your laptops
  • 1 Scanner/copier with USB port
    • Free to email scans
    • Print PDFs from a USB
    • $0.05 per page to print black & white
    • $0.10 per page to print color
  • 3D Printing
    • Free 3D printing for educational/research purposes 
    • All 3D printing is now done at the Kirksville campus and shipped to the AZ campus. Visit the 3D Printing Guide for more information about access 
  • Poster Printing 
  • Palm Classroom - co-located within Library
    • 1 projector with screen