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Exam Prep/Case Files

This guide organizes and presents ATSU-subscribed review resources for various Boards, Exams, Certifications, etc.

ExamMaster Overview

Go to ExamMaster. You will be need to register for a free account in order to use this resource.

In ExamMaster, you can build exams from question banks that cover the following areas.


Dentistry Medical Certification Medical Subject Review Physician Assistant USMLE
NBDE Part 1 Subj. Review  Family Medicine  Anatomy  Clinical Modules for PAs  Step 1 Board Prep
  General Pediatrics  Biochemistry  Medical Subj. Review for PAs  Step 1 Medical Subj. Review
  General Surgery  Cytology & Histology  PANCE/PANRE Certification Review  Step 2 CK Board Prep
  Internal Medicine  Embryology    Step 2 CK Medical Subj. Rev.
  Special Purpose Exam (SPEX)  Gynecology & Obstetrics    Step 3 Board Prep
     Immunology    Step 3 Medical Subj. Review
     Internal & Clinical Medicine    
     Medical Microbiology    
     Pediatrics MS    
     Physical Diagnosis    
     Preventive Medicine
& Public Health

Set Up a Faculty Manager Account in ExamMaster

1. Go to Exammaster through library databases site ( or directly from
2. Click “Not Registered Yet?”
3. Complete the registration form, (select your Program) and click [Save] [You must use an ATSU email address].
4. Confirmation of registration and your password will be Emailed to you immediately.
5. Contact the library to gain faculty status to allow writing of questions and additional faculty options.
6. Log-in with your "User Name" and “Password".
7. The Welcome Page gives a description of the button functions and On Screen Help is available throughout the application.
8. To explore the questions, select [Create Exams] to build exams, access questions and study sessions.
9. Select [Current Exams] to access exams and study sessions.