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Exam Prep/Case Files

This guide organizes and presents ATSU-subscribed review resources for various Boards, Exams, Certifications, etc.

COMLEX/USMLE Prep Resources from ATSU

COMLEX/USMLE Exam Preparation Resources

The Library provides access to an assortment of interactive exam review resources, review e-books, and even some print resources at no cost to students. Consider these as you prepare for your exams.

  • Scroll down on the left-hand menu to find Review Materials for other Examinations (NBME, NBDE, PANCE/PANRE, etc.)

Interactive Review : Board Vitals

BoardVitals logo iconTry Board Vitals, an interactive review resource for the USMLE 1, 2, & 3 as well as the COMLEX! 

Sign up for access to large interactive question banks for these and other exams with up-to-date explanations from the literature and detailed feedback.

  1. Go to Board Vitals
  2. Register using your ATSU email address to create a personal account. 
  3. It will send you a confirmation e-mail that you must click on to gain access to the test modules that ATSU subscribes. 
  4. ​After clicking on the email link, visit Board Vitals and sign in to gain access to your modules and save your progress.

Faculty can also use this resource to send practice exams to their students. Contact Electronic Resources Librarian Lora Hanson for help.

Note: Board Vitals works best in Chrome, Firefox, or newer versions of IE. Users may experience problems in Safari.

Interactive Review : Case Files Collection

McGraw Hill iconTry the AccessMedicine Case Files Collection for interactive self-testing quizzes pared with case files to review for the USMLE steps 1 & 2, the COMLEX, and the NBME Shelf Exams.

Sign up for access to the self-quizzing features using your ATSU email address in order to track your progress. Access to the books without the quizzes does not require an individual login.


  1. Go to the Case Files Collection.
  2. Visit My Case History to sign in.
  3. Login to your existing or create a new My Access profile.
  4. Look for a confirmation email with your password.


Interactive Review : Exam Master

Exam master iconTry Exam Master's interactive self-testing question bank to create your own custom self-exams to review for the USMLE 1, 2, & 3.

Sign up for access to large banks of questions using your ATSU email address.


  1. Go to Exam Master
  2. Click “Not Registered Yet?”
  3. Complete the registration form, select your Program, and click Save
    1. You must use an ATSU email address
  4. Look for a confirmation email with your password

Faculty can also use this resource to create questions and custom exams for their students. Contact Electronic Resources Librarian Lora Hanson for help.


COMLEX Information

USMLE Step 1 Review


First Aid Collection for USMLE Step 1, from McGraw-Hill

Other USMLE Step 1 Books

USMLE Step 1 Information

USMLE Step 2 Review


First Aid Collection for USMLE Step 2

Other USMLE Step 2 Books

​USMLE Step 2 Information

USMLE Step 3 Review


First Aid Collection for USMLE Step 3

Other USMLE Step 3 Books

USMLE Step 3 Information