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Exam Prep/Case Files

This guide organizes and presents ATSU-subscribed review resources for various Boards, Exams, Certifications, etc.

Self-Assessment Tools from Access Physiotherapy

NPTE Review Prep is available in the top menu.  Study from McGraw Hill’s comprehensive NPTE® Review book, by Annie Burk-Doe and Mark Dutton. The text also provides more than 1000 Questions and Answers within the chapters to reinforce learning. Access Physiotherapy is devoted exclusively to the study, instruction, and practice of physical therapy – with groundbreaking content for today’s PT.

The Study Tools drop-down offers review questions, or a simulated NPTE exam.  Create multiple-choice quizzes to self assess, available for various eBooks.  Practice with the 2019 Online Simulated NPTE® Exam, which follows the NPTE® Blueprint and is a great review tool for students to practice taking the test.

NPTE Review