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About the A.T. Still Memorial Library

This page offers information about the services and branches of the Library

How can I submit a request in Still OneSearch?

One of the easiest ways to request an article, book, chapter, or resource is by using Still OneSearch. Click a link below an article abstract saying "Request this item through interlibrary loan" when using certain ATSU subscribed database resources.


It will autofill the resource information into a form where you will only have to fill out your program, name, and email address.


How can I submit a request through PubMed?

Select Email on the article you would like to order. Email directly to or



You must include your name and contact information when ordering this way. We have no way of knowing who the order is from otherwise.

How can I submit a request in Browzine?

When you find an article in Browzine that isn't in the Library catalog, click on Link to Article.


You will be taken to a screen that confirms the Library does not have access to the article. Click the 'Request this item and/or check additional sources' link to be taken to the ILL form.

How can I submit a request manually?


  • Send a list of citations to (ASHS & SOMA faculty)
  • Send a list of citations to (ASHS, ASDOH & SOMA students; CGHS, MOSDOH, & KCOM students and faculty; everyone else)

Can I submit many articles in one request?

Yes! You may submit multiple requests at once either by:

  • Click the Request an Article link on the library homepage
  • Paste as many citations as you like in the form's box
    • Make sure to list each on its own line
    • Make sure to include as much information as you have for the citation


  • Send a list of citations to (ASHS & SOMA faculty)
  • Send a list of citations to (ASHS, ASDOH & SOMA students; CGHS, MOSDOH, & KCOM students and faculty; everyone else)
    • Make sure to list each on its own line
    • Make sure to include as much information as you have for the citation

What does it cost?

Typically, nothing!  The University covers the costs for students, staff and faculty for all requests, and for a limited number of requests per month for alumni and preceptor faculty.

There are two exceptions.

Alumni & Preceptor Overage Requests 

$10 per article over the allowed number per month 

This resets to $0 at the end of each month

Very unusually expensive resource If the document being requested costs the library a very high amount over its typical expenses, it may ask you to pay the difference before borrowing it


How many loans may I request?

As many as you need. There is no limit for enrolled students or employees. 

Alumni and preceptors may have 5 requests per month for free, and more at a subsidized cost.

How long does it take?

Inter-library loan wait time varies depending on the resource.

Articles It typically takes 1-3 business days to receive articles we have ordered from another library system. If the wait time goes beyond a week, we will ask if you are able to wait for the article to arrive. 

Physical Items 

(Books, DVDs)

This process can take more time. Expect to wait anywhere from 2 weeks to one month for materials to arrive at the campus library. We will ask if you are able to wait before ordering any items.

You must be an on-campus student to order physical items. We cannot mail ILLs to students or faculty. 

If based on the Kirksville campus, you will have access to free loans of print books from a large network of Missouri public and university libraries through the Mobius network - including a wide range of fiction. Order these and pick them up in the Kirksville Library.


How can I report a broken link in Still OneSearch?

Does the article or book you need have a , but you keep getting an error? Or it doesn't seem to lead to the correct resource?

Easily report a broken link by clicking on the Report a Broken Link button.


Just fill out your name and email address on the form so we can fix the issue and send you a copy of the article. 

Can I request scans of all the chapters in a book?

No. Copyright laws prohibit libraries from scanning and sending more than two chapters of a book.

We recommend looking at the table of contents to see which chapters would be most beneficial to you. You can often find the table of contents in previews on Amazon, Google Books, or the publisher's website. 

Can I order an eBook through inter-library loan?

Unfortunately this is not a viable lending option right now. Copyright and licensing restrictions prohibit this for certain titles; there is also no way to check out eBooks to individuals from another institution. 

If you need chapters from a book - print or electronic - please submit a standard request asking for them.

If you would like to request that the library purchase an e-book, you can submit a request to or The library will not be able to purchase all e-books, but it will consider all requests.

How do I know what language an article is written in?

Do you keep requesting articles but they aren't in English? Here's how to identify the language of an article before you submit your request.

In Still OneSearch, you can figure out the language by clicking on the article then look for the Language field.


In PubMed the Language field is usually located right beneath the article title.


You can also see in both places that the article title is surrounding by brackets. This is another indicator that the article will be in a language other than English. 

Note: The Library does not have access to a translation service.