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Library Research FAQ

FAQ and introduction to using A.T. Still Memorial Library for online research and learning

Accessing Library Resources

When trying to access library resources from off-campus, it is important to follow the proper steps to authenticate yourself as an ATSU user, ensuring you have full access to everything we have to offer.

Steps For Accessing Resources

  1. Log into the ATSU portal at
  2. Once logged in, access the library website through the "A.T. Still Memorial Library" tile in the ATSU portal
    1. You can favorite the tile for easy access

If you are looking for articles, try using the search bars on the library homepage. In addition to using Still OneSearch, which searches many of our databases at the same time, you also have quick access to point-of-care tools, PubMed, and our book catalog.

If you are looking for specific databases, journals, or other resources, use the links under "Research Tools" on the library homepage.

Using Permalinks

To help streamline the process of accessing our resources, there are many permalinks you can use to go straight to frequently-used databases, textbooks, and more. You can find permalinks for all of our databases in the A-Z database list, create permalinks for articles in books in Still OneSearch, and find direct links to a variety of resources in the program toolkits and other LibGuides. If you would like to find additional permalinks or create your own links for resources you use, see our Resource Linking guide.

Access Library Resources - Access from another Institution

You may have difficulty accessing our resources even if you are using permalinks or following the steps above. This can happen if you are affiliated with another institution (such as another academic institution or hospital) that also provides access to library resources. 

To bypass this problem and access ATSU resources directly:

Interlibrary Loan

Just because the library doesn't own a book or doesn't subscribe to a particular journal doesn't mean you have to pay for it! You can use our free interlibrary loan service to get access to articles, books, and book chapters you need for your studies and research.

To get articles via interlibrary loan, fill out our Ask-A-Librarian form with the citation info for the article(s) you need. The articles you request will typically be emailed to you within 2 business days, but may take up to 10 days for complex requests or hard-to-find material. If you are requesting a book, you can follow the same process and pick up the book in the library at our MO and AZ campuses.

If you are using Still OneSearch to find articles, you will see a "Request this item through interlibrary loan" button below articles we don't subscribe to. Simply click this button and a form will autofill with the article information so you can easily request it. Similarly, if you have the LibKey Nomad extension in your browser, it will direct you to our ILL form whenever you are viewing an article we don't subscribe to.

Remember: you never have to pay for an article.

Note: If based on the Kirksville campus, you will have access to free loans of print books from a large network of Missouri public and university libraries through the Mobius network - including a wide range of fiction. Order these and pick them up in the Library.

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a helpful browser extension that will connect your browser to the ATSU library, and let you know if you have full-text access to articles, even if you are not using a library database.

This means that if you are searching public sites like PubMed or Google Scholar, or find yourself on the website for a specific journal or article, you can get immediate full-text access without having to search in the library catalog.

If the library cannot provide full text access, LibKey Nomad will help you submit and ILL request in just one click.

Liaison Librarians

Julia Peters, KCOM Liaison Librarian


Julia Peters

660 626 2336