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Library Research FAQ

FAQ and introduction to using A.T. Still Memorial Library for online research and learning

How To Access Library Resources

It is recommended to always log in through the Portal before accessing any Library resources. It's the best way to avoid any access issues you might encounter while researching.

  1. Go to the ATSU portal at
  2. Login
  3. Search for the word "library"
  4. Click on the tile that says A.T. Still Memorial Library.

Tip: You can favorite the A.T. Still Memorial Library tile so that it displays on your portal homepage without you having to search for it every time.

Note: If you want to login immediately or override any local settings, click on the link that says Advanced Search

  1. Go to the Library site at
  2. Start your research
  3. When you try to do something that requires ATSU access, you will be re-routed to the ATSU Portal to log in with your ATSU credentials. 


Logging in this way is the most complicated method, and can lead to access issues. Check our Databases page or our A-Z Journal Index for Library-specific access links. 

  1. Find a resource using Google, a direct link or bookmark, or other means
  2. Click Login
  3. Look for an option that says "institutional login" or "Open Athens"
  4. Try to login using your ATSU ID and password. If we have a subscription, it may work. You may also be re-routed to the ATSU Portal to log in.

Tip: If you like to go directly journal websites, we recommend installing the Libkey Nomad browser extension. When you are viewing an article, this extension will automatically detect if the library provides access to that article, and will give you a direct link, pdf, or a link to our ILL form for articles not available through our subscriptions.

Access Library Resources - Access from another Institution

Some off-campus users will find that they cannot get into ATSU resources even when they begin their searches using Still OneSearch or even a direct link to one of our resources.

This happens when you have other access to EBSCO resources through another affiliation (typically, a hospital, govt agency employer, or other university) that is tied to your usual IP ranges or you have another Open Athens account. 

To bypass this problem and access ATSU resources directly:

  • Login using the link to the Advanced Search that you can find right below the search button for Still OneSearch on the Library homepage, or in the Discovery Tools box mid-page
  • If you do not want to use the Advanced Search options, click on the link to Basic Search that you can find midscreen above the content box after you log in. 

Start Your Research

Start your research from the The Library's homepage.

The Library's homepage gives you access to multiple search options for its resources, each best for specific types of research.  Select them from the top tabs visible on the large Still OneSearch box visible near the top of the library homepage.

This search includes the overall largest number of resources.

  • All of the Library’s journal articles, e-books, most subscribed research databases and indexes including MEDLINE and CINAHL, etc.

Add limits from the results screen.

  • full-text, peer review, resource type, date range, etc.

Start here for most research, in any subject.

This search includes PubMed and its included resource MEDLINE, the premier biomedical research database in the world.

You can search PubMed freely anywhere, but if you start at the Library's site, you can include all of the full-text journals that ATSU provides.

Add limit from the results screen.

  • full-text, species, age range, document type, date range, etc.

Start here for medical research questions.

This tab searches the Library Catalog, Avalon.

Start here when you want to view only books. Included in these results will be online eBooks, physical copies of books kept in each campus library, and some video results as well.

How will you know the type of book you're looking at?

To find eBooks

  • On the left side of the book record, you will see a book symbol with an 'e'.
  • The book location should also read 'ATSU - Elec Resource'. These books will only be available online. 


To find physical copies of books

  • On the left side of the book record, you will see a book symbol. There will not be an 'e' on the image.
  • The book location will either read ATSU-AZ or ATSU-MO. These books will only be available in person. You will also be able to see the call number for the book and if it is currently available or already checked out. 

Use Interlibrary Loan

No library will ever have everything that you might want or need. Use our free Interlibrary Loan service to request articles or other materials that you need from another library. If the Library is able to get them, it will. This service typically takes between 1-3 business days but may take up to ten days. 

The Library offers interlibrary loan services using several methods.

  • Fill out the Ask-A-Librarian Form, available from the Library homepage, and request a loan
  • Click a link below an article abstract saying "Request this item through interlibrary loan" when using certain ATSU subscribed database resources; it will autofill the request with the article information

Note: If based on the Kirksville campus, you will have access to free loans of print books from a large network of Missouri public and university libraries through the Mobius network - including a wide range of fiction. Order these and pick them up in the Library.

The Library provides free & low-cost Interlibrary Loan services to alumni.

  • Up to five journal articles a month for free; each additional article per month is $10
  • Requesting articles is easy using the Ask a Librarian form
  • Alternately, you can email your requests to or

The Library provides free & low-cost Interlibrary Loan services to clinical preceptors.

  • Up to ten journal articles a month for free; each additional article per month is $10
  • Requesting articles is easy when searching Still OneSearch with preceptor access. 
  • Alternately, you can email your requests to or