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Resource Linking

Institutional URL Basics

Generally, the syntax to build institutional URLs includes:

Prefix + Resource URL

Primary Prefix with OpenAthens

Most library resources will function as institutional URLs when the base URL is added to our primary prefix. Try this new OpenAthens link generator so links to resources include our ATSU institutional information: 

opens a new window OpenAthens Link Generator

Certain providers require customized link elements that have to be manually added to transform a durable URL into an institutional link while others are capable of being instantly generated on the platform with the click of a button.


Add link icon (Icons8 credit) Check out the Self-Service Link Resources section of this guide for examples of links that can be generated 24/7 & where to find them.


Double checkmark icon Need to check a link? Ready to go resource links are provided below & regularly updated.


question shield icon When in doubt, reach out! Lora and the liaison librarians are happy to help.

Institutional URLs Ready to Go




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