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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 5, 2014: Still OneSearch

Image Searching on Still OneSearch

Image Search functionality on Still OneSearch is easy to use.  After entering a search term, navigate to the Image search widgets on the bottom of the right hand column. Each widget will open a new search window in the featured database automatically creating an Image search in the chosen database.

For a more detailed instructions, click here

Discipline Limiters - What are they and What do they do?

Discipline Limiters

Due to our vast collection, the library felt we needed to focus the default search on OneSearch to health sciences related queries.  This means that when performing a search from the library's home page on Still OneSearch, the user does not see all the results one would expect from a keyword search from our full collection.  Instead, the searcher sees a focused search in the disciplines that are checked in the check boxes below the search as shown below.

Modifying the Discipline Limiters

To modify which discipline limiters you want to use, you may click the check box next to each of the discipline titles.  If you want to add Education to your search, click the Education checkbox. 

If you want to search only Education, click the "Check/Uncheck All" box and then click Education.

If you want to search all the indicated disciplines, click the "Check/Uncheck All" box and search.  This does not search all the contents of all our databases.

Searching all Our Content

To search all our content, use the Advances Search button OR click "Check/Uncheck All" twice and leave no check boxes marked.

Modifying Discipline Limiters Within Search Results

To clear discipline limiters within the search results, click "Current Search" from the Refine Results menu on the left hand side of the screen.

You can delete disciplines by clicking on the yellow X icon or remove all disciplines for a full database search by clicking "Clear All" at the bottom of the discipline limiter list.

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