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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 5, 2014: ETDC

ATSU Guides transition complete

Our ATSU Guides transition from version 1 to version 2, apart from a couple of minor glitches, went smoothly. Most of the major features are now in place. Recent additions include the Statistics and a couple of new Widgets, including a Search Box, and the ability to embed individual boxes, Guide pages, or even entire Guides into another Guide — or any website, for that matter.

The new feature that we have had the most comment on has been new format of the boxes. With version 1, you'll remember, each box you created was dedicated to a particular type of content, e.g., links, or documents, or embedded media. With version 2, you can mix 'n' match your content types, which makes for a much more efficient use of the available space. I know this is my favorite new feature. It definitely provides for more freedom in Guide layout design.


We are now able to embed Forms and Surveys into our ATSU Guides. This is one of the final pieces of the changeover to Guides version 2.


ATSU Guides tip:

We have had a few questions about how to add Editors to your Guides. This feature recently became available. To add an editor to your Guide, go to the "cog" toward the upper right when you are in editing mode. In the drop down menu, click on Guide Editors. Click on the search box, and a list of Guides accounts holders will drop down. If the person you are adding does not have an account, you can click on "Create a New Account Here" and follow the prompts. The new editor will be able to edit only the Guide to which they have been added.

Explore Professional Prezi Trial @MO Creation Station (9/9-10/7)

On the Missouri Campus in the Creation Station (Library), a free one month trial of Prezi Professional will be available September 9th - October 7th. Prezi offers new and fun ways to give presentations that capture your audiences attention immediately with a different format. The Professional version provides the following options:

  •  Create, collaborate and present on
  •  Make your presentations private
  •  Get support from experts whenever you need it
  •  Replace the Prezi logo with your own
  •  2 GB storage
  •  Work offline with Prezi for Windows/Mac

After trying it, please let us know what  you think!  Pursuing a license for Prezi Professional is contingent upon regular use by faculty, staff, and students.

For more information about PrezI Professional, click here.

If you are new to Prezi, check out for helpful tutorials on creating dynamic presentations!

Note:  If you plan to use an ATSU logo or any of the schools/colleges in any way, please check with Communication and Marketing.  More information about the branding requirements are available here.