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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 4, 2013: Future

Launching our new Still OneSearch tool with explanations, tips and tutorials.

Future Plans (Phase 2)


The Library’s revised web site and Still OneSearch tool enables you to more effectively search and access a full range of evidence/information resources available at ATSU.  Please give us your feedback as to how useful you find the revised web site and the Still OneSearch tool to be. 

In a couple of months we will begin working on Phase 2, which will focus on revising and updating the rest of the Library’s web site.  For example, we are considering changing the program-specific pages to discipline-specific pages, and shifting them to an ATSU Guides format, to enable us to expand and better organize their content.  Another idea is to expand our new Alphabetical Listing of Databases to include free, specialized databases, many of which are government produced.  We also want to continue working to develop a better Clinical Search tool to enable you to easily get beyond UptoDate for quick answers for clinical questions.  As we start working on Phase 2 next year, we will be soliciting your input.  Please share with us your thoughts on how we can better support effective access to evidence/information via our new library web page design.