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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 1, 2013: ETDC

Creation Station Activities (Missouri)

The Creation Station, which is the Missouri ETDC Location, is a place for faculty, staff, and students to come and to interact, explore, and create new videos, presentations, and much more. 

Since the opening in early August, the following schools and departments have taken time to come and to experiment with our programs:

  • Infectious Disease (iBook Author)
  • BioChemistry (Voice Over Recording, Converting video files into web usable MP4 files)
  • Medical Students (Students use the PC for Image Scope, because they prefer the format to the Macs they use for everyday studying.)
  • Biomedical Science Students (Edit and Create PDFs using Adobe Acrobat Professional.)
  • MOSDOH (Creating video files into web-usable MP4 files.)

Do you have a project in mind, but you are not sure what to do with it?  The Creation Station is the place for you.  Stop by or schedule a time for your department to hear more about it today!

Margaret Hoogland

Articulate - Increases Interactivity Between Faculty & Students

Got interactive?

If you’ve been thinking about making your online presentations and lectures more interactive, including adding student self-assessments and learning activities, the ETDC can help you find the right software to get you on your creative way.

  • Articulate Storyline ( is one option that allows you to build many different kinds of interactive content, either as a stand-alone presentation, or as part of an already–existing Powerpoint presentation.  Storyline allows you to easily and efficiently create interactions that will engage the students and give them an environment where they can be an active participant in their learning.

{Check it out: Here's an interesting way you can use Storyline: Students can track their progress through a module.}

  • The Record Audio feature of Storyline allows you to add a voiceover narration to your presentation slide-by-slide.  To edit or update your audio, there's no need to re-record the entire narration, or perform often difficult deletions and insertions, as can be the case with other software.  With Storyline, all you need to do is work with the individual slides you need to edit.  Simple!
  • It is also easy to use Storyline to create self-assessments for the students as they proceed through the material.  Self-assessments allow them to rate for themselves how well they are understanding the content.  In Storyline you can generate quiz-type content as you are building your presentation, or you can set it up on its own and insert it.  This latter feature allows you to build assessments and use them in multiple presentations, as well as add them to already-existing presentations.  Editing content to add to it or update it is easy, too.
  • You can even place active website(s) on your slide(s), so that your students can investigate information available on the Internet without having to leave the presentation.
  • Uploading Storyline files to Blackboard is a snap.  And with the soon-to-be-active Service Pack 11, it gets even easier.  In the Content area of your course where you want the presentation to appear, go to Build Content>Content Package (SCORM), and upload a zip folder of your Storyline presentation.  The presentation will appear all ready to be viewed.  Just click on the link and you're there.

If this sounds as if it is something you would like to test run, contact Bill Coombs at x6259, or I'll be happy to consult with you on what elements of Storyline would work best for you, or on other software that can help you with your teaching goals.

Bill Coombs