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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 1, 2013: Missouri Branch

Thoughts from the Missouri Branch Director

I am excited to extend greetings to viewers of the new Library webpage and encourage you to Check-It-Out@ATSMLib.  The MO Branch Library in Kirksville,  anticipates the opening of the Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health (MOSDOH), which will be housed in a new 61,000 sq. ft. Inter-professional Education & Dentistry School Building in Kirksville.  MOSDOH will address a critical shortage of dentists in Missouri, opening in fall 2013.  The Library has been working closely with the MOSDOH Dean Christopher Halliday, DDS, MPH, former assistant to Surgeon General of the United States to provide essential e-resources and print for the incoming dental students & faculty.   

Jean L Sidwell, MALS,

                                    Missouri Branch Library Director

Student Activities & Library Involvement

On a personal note, as advisor to the KCOM Pediatric Journal Club, we completed our 6th & final service project, entitled Build-A-Hand on Feb. 18, 2013.  It is estimated there are 300-400,000 land mine accidents in the world today which cause loss of limbs.  Pediatric Club teams built ten prosthetic hands from kits.  Each kit included step-by-step facilitation and assembly instructions, program videos and Power Point to help facilitate the building of state-of-the-art prosthetic L-4 hands.  The hands will be distributed to children who have lost hands in developing countries, at no cost, by Odyssey Teams, Inc. In the midst of the fun, engagement, and learning, the club participants left the session feeling more connected and aligned as a team, and excited about a service project that can really help kids.

Introducing Our New Dental Resources

StatRef for Dentistry - 23 online dental e-books.

Lexicomp (AZDOH only) online software for dentists – has comprehensive drug, disease and clinical content to improve patient outcomes and to treat and diagnose patients at the point-of-care.  (Note: MO Branch Library plans to add this resource for MOSDOH.)

ClinicalKey Database: Dental or Dentistry resources:

Anatomy: Dental Enamel; Dental Pulp; Dento-alveolar joint

Dental Procedures: Dental Bonding; Oral and maxillofacial surgery; Dental surgical procedure

Disease: Dental Caries

Findings:  Dental Hygiene; Odontogensis

PubMed search: dental (all fields 407172) PubMed: dentistry [MeSH] (320729)

The ATSMLIB MO Branch plans to duplicate dental print monographs that are currently available for ASDOH dental faculty & students at the Mesa campus.