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KCOM Medicine Library Toolkit

Resources to support KCOM students and faculty

Instruction Services

Why students benefit from library instruction

  • The ATSU library has acquired resources specific to the programs offered at the university. Each resource is chosen for its ability to acquire the most up to date, peer reviewed information relevant to medical research.
  • Although ATSU students have transferred from other higher education institutions, they may not have received previous library instruction.
  • Students frequently resort to Google for research inquiries missing information located within databases behind paywalls. They may also not be aware of how to access full text or interlibrary loans services. 
  • Although many databases appear similar in their search strategies, each is unique and may require experienced instruction to navigate. 
  • ATSU liaison librarians can provide general orientation to library services, instruction specific to a research assignments, instruction for specific databases or tailored instruction per faculty needs. 
  • The ATSU library offers numerous services beyond basic searching, orientation and instruction can highlight the full range of services available.
  • Research has shown that following orientation instructional sessions, students have improved and increased the quality of citations they include within their assignments. 

Types of Instruction Sessions

Library Instruction

A Library session can be requested for students before an assignment, in the beginning of the term, or before a major exam.  The session can be in person or as a webinar.  

Sessions taught in the past include:

  • Library overview and orientation
  • Literature searching basics
  • Advanced literature searching with PubMed or other databases
  • How to find and understand health statistics
  • How to construct research questions, PICO formatting, search terms, and utilizing MeSH terms
  • Exam Prep Resources and getting started
  • Evidence Based Medicine and library resources
  • Predatory Publishing
  • Research Data Management
  • Literature Reviews and Systematic Reviews
  • Point of Care Resources (UpToDate, DynaMed, etc)
  • Citation managers
  • Copyright

Email Library Liaison for Instructional Services

Embedded Tutorials

Library Tutorials

Custom tutorials can be created to embed into course material.  You may request tutorials to be written or as a video.  Tutorials can be on how to find certain types of information, how to get started and use a specific resource, helpful information students will need to complete an assignment and/or exam prep resources.

Assistance is available to embed tutorials into the CANVAS course site. 

Course Reserves

Recommending Library Content

The library has a large online collection of books, videos, apps, and more.  It can be overwhelming if you do not know where to begin.  Your Liaison Librarian can save you time by recommending library content.  Your request should include the type of information needed, and what format it should be.  You will receive a list of resources, with the proper link formatting that you can easily embed into your course.

Embedding Library Content

Library resources need to be formatted a specific way to ensure access.  You can not use the URL you see in your browse and copy/paste that into your course material.  For assistance properly formatting the links, contact your Liaison Librarian.

Instructions on Creating a Permanent Link to a Library Resource

Use the Resource Linking Guide for Premade Links and More Instructions.

Course Resources

The Reserve collection is built with the reading lists in each program.  Your Liaison Librarian reviews the new list each year to verify we provide access to all texts, either electronically or in print.  You may add print books to the collection for students to use by bringing a copy to the library front desk and asking for it to be put on reserve.  You may leave the book for the entire term or for a specific length of time.


While librarians are not copyright experts and cannot offer legal advice, we can provide some guidance on copyright and fair use.  Send copyright questions via email your Liaison Librarian with what you wish to use and how you will use it.  Library resources are considered Fair Use for course readings and reserves.

Copyright Guide

A.T. Still Memorial Library Copyright Policy for Course Readings and Reserves

Library Purchase Requests

Purchase requests can be sent via email to your Liaison Librarian.  Library staff will review and make a decision on whether to purchase or not.  Decisions are based on availability, cost, and a positive impact on our collection.  

Helpful information to include in the request:

  • Book- Title, book format (eBook or Print), reason for purchase
  • Journals - Title and reason for purchase
  • Other electronic resources - Title, link to resource, and reason for purchase

Create a Custom LibGuide

LibGuides are internal facing websites you can use for courses, research, or overview information.  To request a custom LibGuide, contact your Liaison Librarian.

The LibGuide will be created for you.  You will also receive an account if you do not already have one.  You will be trained on the basics of LibGuides, such as how to add different types of content and how to set up the layout.  You may assign multiple people to be editors of a specific LibGuide.