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University Writing Center: APA 7

APA 7 Tools from the UWC

APA 7 Tools from the APA

The APA provides numerous handouts and instructional guides to help writers with APA 7 style and format, including:


Citing Contemporary Sources for Current Events

APA constantly evolves as it responds to changes. This is a guide on how to cite and reference sources that are not covered in the current manual. 

What’s New in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition

This is an extensive version of changes, additions, and enhancements to APA 7, broken down by chapter. 

Annotated Student Sample Paper

 A sample APA 7 paper for students, featuring extensive annotations on using APA 7 format and style correctly WITHIN a paper. 

Student Sample APA 7 Paper Template

A sample paper in Word that students may elect to use as a template for their own work. 

Student Title Page Guide

Guidelines for creating a student paper cover page. Note: These are APA 7 guidelines only. Your instructor or program may have specific requirements that should be followed instead. 

Abstract and Keywords Guide

Although abstracts and keywords are not usually required for student papers, if your instructor does require one, this guide discusses proper formatting and how to use keywords. 

Heading Levels Template: Student Paper

Headings, done correctly, help guide a reader through a paper and help a writer organize their presentation. This document provides examples of the main heading levels used in APA 7 documents. 

Six Steps to Proper Citation

Proper citation is critical in academic writing. This document describes the process by which a writer reads and synthesizes information from sources and then documents the ideas from those sources through citation and referencing.  

Creating an APA Style Reference List

Provides detailed guidance on the format and structure of an APA 7 reference list.

Journal Article Reference Checklist

This is an in-depth guide for how to properly reference a journal article.

Reference Quick Guide

Provides an overview of three common sources for references: books, journal articles, and chapters in edited books. 

Abbreviations Quick Guide

Discusses how to use abbreviations in academic writing as well as provides common abbreviations for measurement, time, and Latin phrases.

Numbers and Statistics Quick Guide

Provides an overview of when to use numerals as opposed to words for numbers, how to use numbers in academic writing, and how to correctly use decimals and statistical symbols. 

Citing Works in Text Using Seventh Edition APA Style

A webinar sponsored by the APA that provides an in-depth look at the APA Style citation system, including how to create and format in-text citations for all types of print and online works, integrate source material into a paper, and cite at an appropriate level.

Creating References Using Seventh Edition APA Style

A webinar from the APA that provides an in-depth look at the simplified reference system by describing the rationale behind it, how to format references using it, and the ways in which references are easier to create because of it.

Scaffolded Reference Elements Worksheet

The APA Style Scaffolded Reference Elements Worksheet will help you create complete APA Style reference list entries. For each reference element—author, date, title, and source—basic information and representative examples are shown. Use this information to identify the reference elements for your own work and enter them in the text box below each table. Assemble all the text box entries to create your complete reference list entry.

Inclusive Language Guidelines

"These guidelines aim to raise awareness, guide learning, and support the use of culturally sensitive terms and phrases that center the voices and perspectives of those who are often marginalized or stereotyped. They also explain the origins for problematic terms and phrases and offer suitable alternatives or more contemporary replacements. This document will be flexible and iterative in nature, continuing to evolve as new terminology emerges or current language becomes obsolete."


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APA 7 Videos

If you learn better by watching videos, the following videos on APA 7 style and formatting will be of use to you:

A Step-By-Step Guide for APA Style Student Papers

Student Paper Formatting

In-Text Citations, Quotations, and Plagiarism

Reference Lists