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University Writing Center: Grammar and Writing Mechanics


The APA style website is not just a place to learn about citation and reference formatting. The organization also provides guidance on the mechanics of being a better writer. Below are some useful documents directly from the APA on how to improve your writing. 

Discussion Phrases Quick Guide

This document provides some helpful phrases to use in the Discussion section of your paper. These phrases can help guide writers to better develop the content of their discussion, demonstrating how good content and good writing work together.

Transitions Quick Guide 

This handout explores, in depth, how to use transitional phrases to connect sentences to improve logical argument in academic writing. 


Grammar also is addressed in the APA Manual. Chapter 4 discusses writing style and grammar in depth, Chapter 5 focuses on using bias-free language, and Chapter 6 provides information on the mechanics of style, including punctuation, spelling, capitalization, italics, abbreviations, and numbers and statistics. 


Our Coaches Recommend ...

Grammar Videos

If you need a grammar refresher or if a Writing Coach has indicated you need to review some grammar issues, please consider checking out the videos below!


Indefinite pronouns  

Run-ons/comma splices



Errors with Plurals

Count/Non-Count Nouns

Reflexive Pronouns

Subject/Verb Agreement

Verb Tenses

Compound/Complex Sentences