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University Writing Center: GENERAL WRITING

What Is Good Academic Writing?

Good academic writing must be clear, demonstrate excellent grammar, and use the appropriate style and format required of the writer's discipline. In addition, academic papers should be well-organized, present a clear thesis statement, contain strong paragraphs that fully develop ideas and arguments, and present data and evidence to support the thesis statement.

This section provides students with helpful tools and resources to improve general academic writing skills. 

Basics of Academic Writing

Academic writing has its own style, rules, and goals. For many learners, making a shift to formal scholarly writing can be a challenge. The following video resources will help you better understand the nature of academic writing:


Introduction to Academic Writing

Writing Abstracts

Hedging in Academic Writing

Coherence and Cohesion in Academic Writing

Academic Style


Below, please find a webinar on academic writing in medical papers. It is somewhat long and very detailed. We highly recommend it. 

Enhancing Language Flow in Medical Papers

Our Coaches Recommend ...