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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 6, 2014: University Publications

University Publications Database

In March 2013, a request for an easy way to track publications by ATSU faculty members led to the creation of a University Publications Database.  Currently, it contains 1307 publications from each of the six schools and the ATSU Research Institute.  Each March, a publications list for each school is compiled and presented at the ATSU Board Meeting.

Melanie Davis, Jane Hawthorne, Mike Kronenfeld, Hal Bright, and Margaret Hoogland are responsible for creating and maintaining the database.  Hal and Margaret created and now maintain automatic searches for collecting citations from all six schools.  The database receives monthly updates with the results from these searches in addition to the information provided by the six schools.  Jane, Melanie, and Mike publicize the project to the Board and appropriate people within the schools and departments.  Additionally, they assist with determining the best ways to organize citations to make finding articles easy for everyone. 

A recent collaboration with Communications and Marketing Department consisted of linking the Database to the University website and highlighting publications by graduates with degrees offered by ATSU, or with current faculty members who have degrees ATSU offers.

This is an ongoing project and we would appreciate any help, suggestions, ideas, and thoughts you have to make this project more useful for the university as a whole.

Margaret Hoogland