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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 6, 2014: December

Check-It-Out@August 2014!

                       You guessed it!  The Sixth issue of the Check-It-Out is now available.  Take a look and provide suggestions for future issues.

From the University Librarian Starting in October 2014, the library began using a liaison approach to provide the best possible service for the entire University.  Learn more about the features and key players in the approach here.  
Missouri Branch Updates Learn about some of the events and speakers heard during the 3rd Annual Library Open House and also catch up with some library specific projects along with a preview of our Holiday Break hours.  
ETDC Update Have you heard about ORCID?  It's a fast way to track your citations and it could lead to potential collaboration opportunities.  More information on that and more is available here.  

New Exam Prep/Case Studies Guide

Ready to take some tests on specific areas, before your end of rotation exam arrives?  Also, plenty of e-books containing case studies in a variety of disciplines. Learn more here.

New Video Guide Or maybe you want to view a video, which could help explain a confusing part of a course to students?  Click here.  
University Publications Database This all started in March of 2013 with a question about tracking citations.  Through the hard work of multiple people and departments, 1307 citations are now available for review.  Learn more about the project and how you can contribute here!  
Who's Who in the Library Introducing our newest colleague, Sally Harvey!  Sally works with SOMA and ASHS and her background both as a nurse and librarian makes her a great person everyone should meet.    
New Resources Books, Journals, etc. Are you curious about the current and new resources the library provides?  This is the place to check quarterly and be the first to know what is happening.  
News and Articles from Library Resources Take a look at the articles and news available through the library resources.  
Check-It-Out @Archives   Did you miss an issue of Check-It-Out?  Read the past issues in our Archives area.  


                             Michael Kronenfeld