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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 6, 2014: From The
University Librarian

From the University Librarian

To strengthen our support of ATSU schools and programs, I am pleased to announce the Library’s new liaison/embedded librarian service.  To enable us to better understand and support the evidence/information needs of our faculty, programs, and students, specific librarians will serve as the Library’s primary liaison with each school.  The liaison will attend faculty meetings, relevant committees, and faculty retreats as an ex officio member of the school’s staff.  He or she will work with the unit’s faculty and staff to better understand their evidence/information, curricular, and educational technology support needs.  Some of the services the Liaison will provide are:

  • Develop Evidence-Based Medicine/Practice and Library-based teaching resources
  • Work with faculty to include assignments requiring use of the EBP resources to further develop students EBP competency
  • Review Library resources to support specific class assignments
  • Teach or co-teach specific EBP/M courses or modules
  • Work with the Schools and their Departments in developing content closely aligned with their curriculum, using Library resources and services
  • Work with staff developing new programs to develop Library resources to support the new program
  • Troubleshooting with Masters or Doctoral students on navigating databases or locating appropriate terminology for searching
  • Assisting faculty by performing literature searches, which sometimes includes collaborative projects between faculty and students for articles
  • Helping students or faculty locate appropriate journals for publishing articles
  • Doing a literature search and compiling a bibliography to serve as a guide from which students will perform literature searches 
  • With the other professional Library staff, provide mediated assistance for faculty and students in using Library resources for classroom and research.
    • Daytime telephone access
    • Online help, including live chat, FAQs and e-mail help service

We want you to think of your school’s liaison as your personal librarian and to contact them when you have any questions, suggestions, or need assistance in instructional or research activities.  Below is the list of the contacts and their contact information:

  • ASDOH - Michael Kronenfeld, 480-219-6091, 
  • ASHS - Sally Harvey, 480-219-6192,
  • CGHS - Margaret Hoogland, 660 -626-2340,
  • KCOM - Jean Sidwell, 660-626-2336,
  • MOSDOH - Margaret Hoogland, 660 -626-2340,
  • SOMA - Sally Harvey, 480-219-6192,

We look forward to becoming part of your schools and programs, and to working with you to better support your work.