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Lippincott's Nursing Procedure Videos


Follow a team of nursing students and their instructor as they perform 90+ nursing procedures in realistic clinical settings. The videos are organized into basic, intermediate, and advanced procedures that enable you to develop and build on a foundation of skills. It's the ideal way to study and prepare for nursing practice, enabling you to actually see how knowledge and skills are translated into nursing practice.


Each Video Features-

•   Review of key points: Using a question-and-answer format, the nursing instructor outlines the key points that you need to remember to understand the purpose of the procedure and how to perform it correctly.
•   Procedure: The nursing instructor and students demonstrate individual procedures step-by-step, including effective patient communications. They talk through the procedure, explaining all the how's and why's and offering valuable tips to avoid and manage potential problems.
Unexpected Situations: The nursing instructor and students discuss how to modify procedures in response to unexpected outcomes.
Engaging, conversational style: These videos are simple to follow and instantly put you at ease with their clear, realistic dialogues.

By showing how a procedure is performed, explaining the underlying rationale, and demonstrating each individual step, these videos help you make the critical bridge from the classroom to on-the-job practice.

These videos are devided into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced categories.

Basic Intermediate Advanced
 Module 1: Health Assessment  Module 1: Medication Administration  Module 1: Tracheotomy Care
 Module 2: Vital Sign Assessment  Module 2: Perioperative Nursing  Module 2: Intravenous Therapy
 Module 3: Asepsis and Infection Control  Module 3:Oxygenation  Module 3: Osotomy Care
 Module 4: Self-Care, Hygiene, and Elimination  Module 4: Nutrition, Skin Integrity, Wound Healing  Module 4: Central Venous access Devices
 Module 5: Mobility and Body Mechanics  Module 5: Intermittent and Indwelling Catheters