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Library Streaming Media Resources

Streaming video and audio resources supported by the Library

Library Video Resources

The A.T. Still Memorial Library offers a large online collection of educational videos. Some are short and cover a single procedure, while others are longer and provide a wider perspective on their topic. All may be incorporated into a Canvas course, either by embedding the video directly into the course, or by linking to the video.

Streaming Media Basics

The simplest ways to search for streaming media content is either via Still OneSearch or by going directly to the hosting platform.

Image of Video Results in EDS

Search for a Specific Video in Still OneSearch


  • Search for the desired topic or video title
  • Limit your results by checking video in the box on the left of your search results to narrow results to video formats



To embed a video into your course, navigate to your course page that requires the video and follow the steps.

  1. Open the Edit function for the course page.
  2. Place the cursor where you want the video to be embedded.
  3. Open the Rich Content Editor, and select the "Insert/edit media button.
  4. Select the Embed tab.
  5. Select and copy your embed code. Be sure to select and copy the entire code.
  6. Paste your embed code in the Insert/edit media field provided.
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Save your content page.

Canvas will add scroll bars to a frame around your video. To remove the scroll bars:

  1. Edit the page in HTML mode after embedding the video.
  2. Locate the video embed code.
  3. Select the entire code.
  4. Paste the original embed code to replace the code that allows scroll bars.
  5. Save the page without switching to the Rich Content Editor.