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Library Streaming Media Resources

Streaming video and audio resources supported by the Library

ICE PT/OT Video Library

The ICE Video Library is a great OT/PT resource, these streaming videos of real-life patient assessment and intervention contain actual patients and therapists in real-life treatment settings including acute care, skilled nursing, outpatient, home health and ICU. 
Note:  Only "Closed Captions" are available for these videos.

Viewing the ICE Video Library

(The link to toggle between Full View and Quick View is located above the Search boxes near the left top of the ICE Videos search page)


Full View

The Full View option of the ICE Video Library displays and includes search options for the Title, Description and Keywords. A small photo of each video clip is also helpful. The Full View option is organized alphabetically by video Title. The Full View option is the ‘default option’, meaning that the Video Library will always open at this page.

Quick View

The Quick View option allows you to quickly scan an extensive list of video clips by Title (listed alphabetically) or sort by Catalog ID. The Quick View option also allows you to quickly scan the length of each video clip (Duration) and Patient ID. To sort by Patient ID, simply select a patient number and all video clips of that patient will be displayed.

Searching the ICE Video Library

Each video clip has been tagged and can be searched by: Title, Patient ID, Keywords, Description, and Catalog ID. For ease and convenience, there are also two options for viewing the Video Library: a Full View option and a Quick View option.


The Title for each video clip can be found in either the Full View or Quick View options. It is easy to scan the extensive list of titles in the Quick View option in order to find certain topics or video clips that are part of a series or sequence.

Patient ID

Each patient is assigned a number. In the Full View option the Patient ID number can be found under Keywords. In the Quick View option, all are listed under Patient ID. Sorting by patient number is especially useful when you would like to see a series of video clips of the same patient. This is perfect for learning activities that use patient case studies for teaching assessment skills, treatment planning or documentation.


Go to the Full View option to sort and select by keywords. Simply select a word in the keyword section or enter a word in the Keyword field and all video clips tagged with that keyword will be selected.

Catalog ID

The Catalog ID (found in the Quick View option) is an easy way to sort all of the video clips by the patients and content used in each of the three Courses on DVD, for Universities. This is especially useful for programs using both (Courses on DVD and the Video Library) to create exceptional learning activities for their students.