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The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Scholar's Development Program

Introduction to the The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Scholar's Development Program

What Is SoTL?

The scholarship of teaching and learning is a field of inquiry that examines the intersection of instruction and student learning across disciplines in education (Boyer, 1990).

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (Lee Schulman, President): "Scholarly teaching is what every one of us should be engaged in every day that we are in a classroom, in our office with students, tutoring, lecturing, conducting discussions, all the roles we play pedagogically.... But it is only when we step back and reflect systematically on the teaching we have done, in a form that can be publicly reviewed and built upon by our peers, that we have moved from scholarly teaching to the scholarship of teaching." (2004, p. 166).

Watch this 2 minute video which introduces the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and how it helps inform teaching practice.

 SoTL is both a systematic and public teaching activity. Kern, Mettetal, Dixon, and Morgan (2015) proposed the DART model to represent this range of teaching activities as seen below.

The Role of SoTL in the academy

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What does the Program Involve?

The SoTL Scholars’ Development Program will introduce and guide selected participants through developing a foundation in the processes and fundamental practices of SoTL.  Alongside an expert researcher, participants will work toward completion of their own individual research plan as they progress through the program. Each participating faculty member will explore how to collect relevant evidence, analyze that evidence using appropriate methods, and then develop a plan for sharing the results of that analysis with a community of scholars.

The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Scholars’ Development Program includes planned informational sessions, customized online modules and personalized working-workshops taken in a planned sequence. The program begins January 2019 and ends with a culminating video poster reception in May 2019 in which participants present their research plans via a pre-recorded video as they celebrate their successful completion of the program.

The program will consist of a live, on-site kickoff presentation (open to all faculty) which explores an overview of the Scholarship of Teaching and the SoTL Research Process. Over the three-month timeframe, selected SoTL participants will participate in three live 60-minute sessions and three live 60-minute working-workshops, coupled with on-demand modules completed between the sessions.  In order to help facilitate the creation of a customized research plan each session and module are designed and delivered by Dr. Claire Major, a research expert and professor with the University of Alabama College of Education Higher Education program.

Please see The SoTL Development Scholars Program Agenda tab for titles and short descriptions of the upcoming sessions. 

Please see the Program Impact for YOU tab for information regarding an opportunity to receive professional development funding to present at one of the esteemed Lilly Conference Conferences for those who successfully complete the program.