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Resource Linking

Connecting Google Scholar

opens a new windowClick here to open a new window for Google Scholar preference settings to confirm ATSU Mesa selection and click Save.

Adding ATSU library to Google Scholar


Examples of a successful connection will include ATSU online text options as indicated in the image below.

Troubleshooting & FAQs

After clicking the Save button, are you seeing "no matches found" error messages like the one shown below?
If so, select Try your query on Google Scholar

Try your query on Google Scholar

Still can't see the 'ATSU online text' options while connecting remotely? Let's check the Settings menu of Google Scholar followed by selecting Account.

Make sure 'signed-in off-campus access links' is enabled (if not, select and then Save). Then retest your search.

enabled option to show signed-in off-campus access links

Q. Do I select 'ATSU Mesa' even if my program is based somewhere else such as MO or CA?

Yes, select ATSU Mesa - ATSU online text anyway.


Q. Does 'Open WorldCat' need to be deselected as shown in the snapshot?

No, that's optional.

Q. Can I add more libraries to this list?

Yes! If you have valid online login access through other institutions, you can add more.  Google Scholar currently limits a max of 5 library access link options to be visible concurrently active..

Tip: For longer lists you'll need to pick the top 5 you want searched by adjusting the Library Links of Google Scholar's Settings.


Q. What happens if I clear my browser's cookies?

You might have to reconnect this institutional association. Select the menu icon next to Google Scholar followed by Settings and then Library Links.
Google Scholar settings