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Resource Linking

EBSCO eBook Collection

EBSCO eBooks

While many EBSCO eBooks can work with the primary prefix added to the base URL, better, shorter URL options are available for more direct access.

Examples of the functional link output include:

Click the "Permalink" option from the Tools menu to grab the institutional URL as shown below.

EBSCO eBook Collection record example of Permalink tool

McGraw-Hill Medical eBooks

McGraw Hill Medical eBooks have a few unique quirks users should be aware of when browsing and linking:

  • Select the "Open eBook" option for clickable, hyperlinked chapters (the Table of Contents tab located to the right of the Book Description is informational text only).
  • Links only work to the book title-level. Unfortunately, individual chapters can't be linked like material on the Access databases yet. 


To create an institutional link: 

  1. Open the desired eBook and copy the URL that appears in the address bar.
  2. Paste it into the OpenAthens generator.
  3. Select the Copy button to have the newly generated institutional link copied to your clipboard.
  4. Remember to test the link in a new tab or window just to be sure it goes to the right ebook title. Paste the link into the document, webpage, or email as needed to revisit later.

ProQuest eBook Central

ProQuest eBooks

Institutional links to ProQuest's eBook Central resources can be retrieved using the "Share Link to Book" feature as shown below:

ProQuert eBook Central link sharing feature example