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ATSU Library Research Hub

This hub page pulls together information about research support services provided by the Library and other departments of ATSU

Trial Results : SAGE Research Methods

TRIAL RESULTS :  We're Getting It.

NEW RESOURCE : SAGE Research Methods


Sage ResearchMethods

What is it? 

Last fall, the Library trailed the resource SAGE Research Methods. Thank you for your participation! Your feedback helped us decide to get the two main components of this resource. You will be able to use it by accessing it directly through the above link, and by searching Still OneSearch or the Library Catalog - its content will be included in each of these.

From the source : 

"SAGE Research Methods contains information suited to all levels of researchers, from undergrads starting their first projects to the most senior faculty. Content includes dictionary and encyclopedia entries, book chapters, full books, journal articles, and the complete Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences (Little Green Books) and Qualitative Research Methods series (Little Blue Books)."

The Library is subscribing to these modules: The core collection of research methods books, articles and other readings, and streaming video from the SAGE Research Methods Video main collection. You may see some other content mentioned that we do not currently have access to within the resource. 

Library Research Support

What can a Research Librarian do for you?

  • Design search strategies for research:
    • Clinical questions
    • Systematic reviews and meta-analysis
    • Teaching support
  • Train you or your students to use tools:
    • Qualtrics
    • LibGuides
    • Etc.
  • Locate Open Datasets
  • Locate information about copyright restrictions
  • Locate validated assessments

Research Librarian Contact Information

Adrienne Brodie

Adrienne Brodie, MLS

Specialties : Data, Predatory Publishing, Medicine, Audiology, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, etc
ATSM Library - Arizona

Debra Loguda-Summers

Specialties : 3D Printing, History of Osteopathy
ATSM Library - Missouri

Susan Swogger, MLIS

Susan Swogger, MLIS

Specialties : Publishing, Writing, Dentistry, Public Health, Health Education, Medicine, Research Tools, etc.
ATSM Library - Missouri

ATSU Research Units

Department of Research Support

Department of Research Support

Research Support offers staff with experience in biostatistics, research project development, management, coordination, and scientific writing to all faculty members, fellows, and residents affiliated with ATSU.

A.T. Still Research Institute

A.T. Still Research Institute

The goal of the Still Research Institute is to explore and advance the scientific evidence base of osteopathic medicine and associated health professions within A.T. Still University.

ATSU Sponsored Programs

ATSU Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Programs provides grantsmanship expertise and customized assistance to ATSU faculty seeking extramural grant funding.

Sponsored Programs : Internal

ATSU Sponsored Programs : Internal

ATSU Sponsored Programs offers Information and resources to support you in applying for ATSU's offered internal grants

ATSU Arizona IRB

ATSU Arizona IRB

The ATSU AZ IRB Site offers information about the processes and procedures for applying to and navigating the ATSU Arizona Institutional Review Board.

ATSU Missouri IRB Manual

ATSU Missouri IRB Manual

This Manual offers information about the processes and procedures for applying to and navigating the ATSU Missouri Institutional Review Board.

ATSU Teaching and Learning Center

ATSU Teaching and Learning Center

The TLC offers support to faculty for all activities touching on student learning and development.